Written Agenda: The Mercy Method

Written Agenda: The Mercy Method

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The Mercy Method

You’re probably thinking that this must be some special method in order for me to title it The Mercy Method, and you’re damned right. It’s not alarming that I have the tendency to give away my greatest methods to fellow authors, selflessly, so this is another one of those times. However, the difference with this method is that it’s on a much more complex and detailed level.

As I continue to evolve as a writer, I’ve gained balance, knowledge, and understanding of the basis of writing a GREAT story and telling it well, ALSO. Before my brain fried, I could bust out 60-65k word novels without ever writing an outline or dissecting a character.

Time made way for new stories, thoughts, changes, characters, and more. I found myself forgetting, having to look back at stories, and creating underdeveloped storylines.

To combat this onset of mishaps, I created a system that allowed me to develop the most beautiful love stories without the worries of missing, forgetting, or omitting key components due to memory loss and other unfortunate circumstances. Before I’m allowed to begin my stories, now, I must complete the first half of a 20+ page process that I’ve named, The Mercy Method.

Within The Mercy Method, you will be able to plan your next novel from day one to whatever. The Mercy Method includes a calendar for keeping up with sneak peeks, deadlines, word counts, teasers, updates, and more. You’ll also have room to plant many visuals of your characters, their lifestyles, and key moments in the storyline. After spending time with your characters, they help you to plan your story from the first to last chapter. 

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