Nonfiction Project Planner Paperback

Nonfiction Project Planner Paperback


Why I decided to create this planner…

I’ve lost count of how many products I’ve made that is somewhat like the planner you purchased. However, my audience was sure to continue reminding me that the majority of my products were created for the fictional write, while I happen to write both, fiction and nonfiction. Though my other products within the Written Agenda Series can be customized to suit their nonfiction needs, it was a bit of a bust knowing that I had yet to create a product solely for the nonfiction author. It took me over two years to consider the addition to my catalogue, but here we are.  

In this planner, you will have the luxury of planning and executing four pieces of literature that your audience will love. I know this simple fact because – as you will see – your audience happens to be the main focal point within this planner. I won’t hold you any longer. Happy writing. 

What to look forward to inside:

  • Audience Analysis 
  • Chapter Breakdown
  • Chapter Outline
  • Research Center
  • Resource Library
  • Extensive Notes
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