Hustler State of Mind

Hustler State of Mind

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Hustler State of Mind

Multiple Award-Winning + National Bestselling
Author, Mercy B, dissects the art of hustling by sharing her beliefs of obtaining the mindset to become an inextinguishable, indestructible bonafide hustler. 

Childhood experiences paired with countless hours in the field has given Mercy insight beyond the average conception, teaching lesson after lesson. In her 2nd annual nonfiction release, Mercy sheds the shield of protection along with every credential she's been given as ploys to disguise her one true title, HUSTLER. 

Join as she takes you on a journey through her - less than dreamy - youth, which happens to be where she acquired every skill that she'd ever need start, manage, and enhance her Hustle.



The Strategic Hustle

365+ Day Planner for Hustlers who can comprehend the importance of strategizing. Prepare your mind for the grind each week with the weekly write ups within the planner as well as plan your day hour by hour for more efficiency. Go from busy to booked by organizing your thoughts, clients, projects, social media engagement, emails, and a plethora of other aspects that are detrimental to the new-age Hustler's strategy. 


Releases Jan 15th

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