Dear Author

Dear Author


It wasn't everday that I felt like a bestseller or even a success at all. There were often times that I felt like giving up on the superpower that I had been blessed with. But there came a day, that I had to put an end to my pity party, and remove the world from my creative lens. 

That's when I knew that having a heart for what other's thought would not get me to where I wanted to be as a writer. Eventually, I understood that I had to pat myself on the back, and become my own cheerleader when the rest of the crowd was drawing blanks. I knew that I had to be myself, and allow the world to catch up later. 

This method of thinking encouraged DEAR AUTHOR, because I knew I wasn't alone. My days in the dump happened less often and the courage to keep pushing came in abundance. DEAR AUTHOR was created with the creators, like myself, who need that extra boost in mind. As an author, it is easy to fall into the sink holes that are set out for us each day. 

DEAR AUTHOR is a booklet that will serve as the rope to pull you back to safety. I created the affirmations and thoughts on days that I was most discouraged about my craft and growth in order to combat the feelings that others potentially mirror at those given times. DEAR AUTHOR should be used as an emergency feel good facilataor.  

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