Catered for Kenzi: Fruits & Veggies

Catered for Kenzi: Fruits & Veggies

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Enjoy over 50 recipes for babies 3 months on up into adulthood. I even use some of these combinations myself!

I’m Mercy, a mom of two beautiful girls. While I am no food expert, I understand that the preservatives added to maintain the shelf life of store-bought foods aren’t something I welcome into my daughter’s body.

My 8-year-old thrived from shelved food, but I knew that if I ever had another little one, I would put forth effort and learn how to provide better quality meals within their diet.

The time has come and I have embarked on a journey of healthy eating for my second child. She enjoys her fresh food and I don’t have to worry about what is being put in it or how it’s shelf life is months when fruit and veggies in my home go bad after a few days.

In the midst of sharing my journey and experiences with preparing my daughter’s food, I realized just how many mothers would love to do the same. After much thought and constant suggestions, I decided to create a simple, easy-to-follow recipe book for mothers who want healthy and happy little ones.  


How this book is constructed:


Part One – Fruits, Veggies & Their Good Things


Part Two – Preparing Food for Babies & Beyond

Batching Baby’s Food

Storing Baby’s Food

Saving Baby’s Food


Part Three – Two-Ingredient Recipes

Three-Ingredient Recipes

Four-Ingredient Recipes


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