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Let's face it, between the info stored on your MacBook or PC and your mental rolodex, your brain is ready to explode. As your literary stylist, I am ready to take a load off you. My confidential ghostwriting services are designed for women ready to walk, boldly, in their purpose and drive sales even while they sleep. With your thoughts and my literary background, your project is secured upon contact. Whether it's storytelling, detailing, synopsizing, outlining, or writing in general that you'd rather veer away from, then you've come to the perfect place. I'm a hub for all things literature, and are ready to start your project. 

In addition to the listings above:

  • Photo Embedding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Interior Design 
  • Media Release Kit
  • Author Biography
  • Promotional Materials (Teasers, Post Cards, 3D Mockup)

Investment of $5,000 with a 90 day commitment.


Written Agenda is an assistance program that propels authors (CURRENT or ASPIRING) into mastering their craft. Within the Written Agenda, I will personally guide you step-by-step through your literary journey. We will start with your idea, and end with a complete PUBLISHED manuscript. Written Agenda is an intense program that requires dedication and determination from it’s participants. With the completion of Written Agenda, your title will be written and published (or waiting on your anticipated publication date). Participants rave about the ease of navigation through this amazing program. Yes, this is a 1-on-1 service. You'll work directly with me, during and after your project. 

In addition to the listings above:

  • Photo Embedding
  • Interior Design 
  • Author Biography

Investment of $2,500 with a commitment of 90 days. 


Wondering where your story could go, or what can make it even more interesting? Allow me to draw up a story outline, key point log, or content strategy for your book. Engage and wow your readers as they flip through your intriguing story. Premium Outlining prepares your book in it's entirety. (Chapter 1 to whatever.) The outline includes chapter by chapter breakdown (very intense), synopsis, key point list, character log (focuses on the development of characters), content creation (how you will present the book to the public), and chapter 1 outlined for the next book (in order for your series to flow well).


In addition to the listings above:

  • Synopsis
  • Character Development
  • Key Point List
  • Story Outline - Chapter by Chapter
  • Book Presentation (How To)
  • Chapter 1 Outline For Following Book (Series)

Investment of $500 with a 14 business day commitment. 

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