Sample Sunday - Pursuing the Plug - "... You don't run shit..."

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Really quick…

Here are some quick facts to note about this title & sample:

  • It is a continuation of the RahMeek and Bella series, featuring their son Rafeeq

  • It is nothing like any other book that I have written

  • It contains mystery that requires patience

  • It is to be released in the next 4 days, October 11th

  • It is NOT a standalone

  • RahMeek, Bella, Reign and others are present

  • It is sure to stir a range of emotions

  • Unedited & subject to change


With the hustle of his father and a heart that reflects his mother’s, Rafeeq Jones was bound for eminence. As a sole entity, his parents gave him free reign in young adulthood, which led to his unfathomable career choice. 

The streets refer to him as “Heavy”, a pseudonym representing more than his frame. Heavy pockets. Heavy cash flow. Heavy in the game. Heavy hitter. Heavy-handed. Heavy-hearted.Rafeeq suited them all. His heaviness in the streets caused him to lead a lonesome lifestyle that he had no desire to transform. At least not until he meets Hampsher, the radiating reflection of himself. 

Happiness was unobtainable for Hampsher Wells. She’d convinced herself of it since the deadly killing of her mother, which she’d watched from the banister of her home at the age of seven. She stumbled upon Rafeeq with no intentions of entertaining him beyond the night of pleasure they both indulged in. 

If there’s nothing else you’ve learned about the first Mr. Jones, you’re vetted on his persistence. Rafeeq is no different from his father, his chase also filled with elation and determination. However, the woman he’s after doesn’t plan on being caught. Ever.


The lighting from the street danced on Hampsher’s skin as she cut corner after corner,

reaching her destination in less time than she’d anticipated. When upon the large skyscraper, she

released a distressful sigh.





The building that Rafeeq was stored in shared the same qualities as he did. Hampsher

wasn’t the least bit surprised at his choice of dwelling. Personally, she preferred secrecy and

simplicity over all else. It was her father’s fetish of the lavish lifestyle that had sent him over the

edge and landed her mother in a casket. Frankly, she despised it. The thought was too sore to

even consider.

“Can I help you?” The doorman stirred Hampsher from her trance.

“Rafeeq. I’m here for R…”

“Mr. Jones is expecting you. Do you have a car that you’ll be needing pulled into the

garage for the night?”


“So, you’ll be needing a service in the morning?”

“I won’t be.” Hampsher shook her head as she followed the doorman into the building.

At the sound of her last statement, his steps crept to a halt before turning back to take a

good look at her. Hampsher grew uneasy with the sudden shift and wondered why she’d sought

out such a pointless mission instead of enjoying s’mores with her grandparents.

“Fair enough, then. Follow me.” He shrugged as if Hampsher hadn’t been too


Inside, enormous structures filled the space to capacity. Crystal chandeliers, vaulted

ceilings, large instruments, tables, intricate chairs, a bar, large televisions, spacious couches and

the list continued for eternity.

“This way.” The doorman led Hampsher into the elevator.

Of course. Hampsher thought to herself as she exited the elevator, which happened to

lead her into the foyer of Rafeeq’s home. The top floor was occupied by him. Her nipples

budded upon entrance, the air being nippy and causing bumps to raise in addition to her pebbles.

“Evening, Hampsher.”

His voice was laced with venom. Still, Hampsher had yet to decipher the tug he’d

managed and why she’d shown precisely at the time he’d requested. In fact, she couldn’t

understand why she’d stuck around his office long enough to even have him consider the

possibility of them exploring anything more than a few seconds together as she turned in her

grandfather’s slip.

“It’s morning, actually.”

“Not quite. We have approximately thirty seconds before midnight.” Rafeeq appeared

from the shadows, shirtless and dripping from the shower he’d indulged in before her entrance.

“Should I heighten the temperature?”

Rafeeq was mindful of his guests, always had been. Or, at least until he’d utilized them

for whatever purpose they served and then he didn’t give them a single thought. It was all

mundane. All routine.

Clearing her throat, Hampsher followed his eyes until they met at her chest. “I’ll regret

asking you to later.”

This wasn’t the mind-fucking session that Rafeeq would’ve preferred and Hampsher

wanted to make it clear to him. While his eyes were still fixated on her small racks, she pushed

the left side of her bodysuit down her shoulder to expose her deep pink areola.

“For now, I’ll manage.” She continued. “Shouldn’t you be worried about upping the

temperature for yourself?” With a brow raised, Hampsher acknowledged the lack of imprinting

in Rafeeq’s briefs.

“One thing for certain, he knows to get himself together when the time comes. You just

keep doing you.”

It was a pleasure for Rafeeq to watch Hampsher undress. Her independence was

alarming, reminding him that he’d need to be cautious when bedding her. Women of her caliber

preferred to control the bedroom, cumming on their own watch and deciding which direction

their night went in. Unfortunately, that shit didn’t fly with Rafeeq. It wouldn’t start today, either.

“You waste no time?”

“The next second isn’t promised.” Hampsher countered. “Plus, I’m horny. I don’t bring

my friends to visit with my grandparents.”

“So, you’re visiting?”

Rafeeq examined her frame as she pushed her shorts towards the floor and was able to

remove her top, completely. She stood before him, raw, yet still covered completely. She was

buried beneath the hardships she dared to speak of, but they were sensed. They were heavy.

Rafeeq could feel the weight of them.

Squeezing her lids together, Hampsher chastised herself from talking so much. It was

never her forte. Instead of replying, she straightened her posture and waited for the obvious. Dick

was on the menu and her body was famished. It was the only reason she’d come. Conversation

was not expected, hopefully Rafeeq got the message.

He’d sprang to life. The awakening of his manhood brought pleasure to Hampsher’s

entirety. Sexually inclined, she was certain that Rafeeq wasn’t prepared for what it was she had

in store for him. Frankly, it was all for her satisfaction. None of this, not one bit, was for his.

“He’s awake.” Emotionless, Hampsher nodded.

“He is.” Rafeeq stepped forward.



A third time, and he’d erased the space between them. Gripping either side of her body,

Rafeeq lifted her into the air and tossed her over his shoulder. The way to the guest room is the

path Rafeeq had chosen to follow. Upon entry, he tossed Hampsher on the sheets.

“Fresh sheets.” She noted, aloud.

Surveying her surroundings, she took in the scenery and quickly concluded that this

bedroom was unoccupied. This was where he came to fuck.

“Is that an issue?” Rafeeq had lowered his briefs and began stroking his dick as he

watched her from a few feet away.

“The sheets aren’t. The mattress below is. Swimming in other women’s juices isn’t

exactly what I had in mind.”

“I’m no virgin, baby.” Rafeeq chuckled, sensing that she’d figured him out.

This girl was unbelievable. While others didn’t care where he took them as long as the

night ended with his dick up their spine, then all was good. Not Hampsher. Meticulous. She paid

special attention to detail.

“Where’s your room?”

“You going to put up a fuss about being in the guest bedroom?”

“No. We’re simply changing locations.”

Standing from the bed, Hampsher glided past Rafeeq, walking through his loft as if she

owned the place. He watched behind her, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to find his bedroom.

Her attempt would be comical.

From the guest bedroom, he continued to gaze at her backside. Rafeeq’s dick fell from

his large hand as he watched Hampsher hoover of the empty space in his hallway. Stepping

forward, she pressed into the wall until his bedroom door slid open and exposed his personal


This bitch, here. Rafeeq scrambled behind Hampsher, following her into his

headquarters. He reached forward and snatched Hampsher backward. His nostrils flared as the

two stared each other down.

“You don’t run shit in here. Got that?”

“When my health is involved, I…”

Hampsher was silenced by Rafeeq’s forcefulness. He spun her around until she was

facing the wall, used his legs to spread hers apart and squatted. Producing a wad of saliva,

Rafeeq spat it on her pretty pink pussy before lifting, again. The sound of Hampsher panting

brought an animalistic craving to the forefront as he nearly tore her in half upon his entrance.

“Oh shit.” Hampsher buckled at the knees, but Rafeeq caught her before she could


“Fuck.” Rafeeq swore for more reasons than he’d like to. He’d went against every code

in his book by entering Hampsher without coverage. Since his virginity had been snipped, every

sex session he’d indulged in was protected. Rafeeq had never felt bare pussy and it would soon

send him spiraling.

Taking full advantage of Rafeeq’s moment of weakness, Hampsher promised to worry

about the elephant in the room after she was counting the stars she’d see from her self-induced

orgasm that was approaching even without movement. Adjusting herself and acquainting with

the girth of Rafeeq, Hampsher pulled her weight forward and then back again.

Forward and then back, again.

“Wait. Wait.”

Rafeeq found his tongue and began to protest her movements. His toes were disfigured

and curled to the point of pain. The mushiness of her walls were pulling him towards the

pinnacle with promises of unraveling him, entirely.

Hampsher cared less, desperate for her undoing. She continued to stroke him with the lips

of her pussy, squeezing her muscles and massaging his dick as she rode. Completely unaware

of the rupture she would soon cause, Hampsher became lost somewhere between oblivion and


“Stop that shit.” Rafeeq requested, his semen summoned towards the head of his dick and

threatening to spill. Grabbing Hampsher by the hips, he disabled her movements.

Unfortunately, her time had come and she was mounting, beautifully. “Oooooh. Fuck.

I’m cumming.” She groaned, low and hardly notable.

As her pussy contracted, it began extracting Rafeeq’s nut from him. Unable to do much

else, he clinched Hampsher’s sides and forewarned her through grunts and whispers. He was

unhappy with her behavior and would see to it that she paid for her disobedience.

“You’re so fucking hardheaded. You’re going to pay for this shit.” Rafeeq snatched

Hampsher’s neck backward by her long wavy hair.

“Uh…” She moaned from the pain. “Rafeeq.”

“Shut the fuck up. Get down there and clean up the mess you’ve made.”

“I don’t s…”

“You’re going to start sucking dick, today.” He refused to even let her finish her sentence

before pulling out of her and forcing her down to her knees. His grip never loosened on her hair,

giving her no other choice but to submit to his will.

“You on birth control or some shit?” Rafeeq asked, making Hampsher look up at him.


“After tonight. Get on it.”

“This is just sex, Rafeeq. After tonight…”

“After tonight my ass. The way that pussy feel, we in a relationship, already.”