Dark Side of the Moon - "Just tell him to stay."

Mercy B Carruthers Books Dark Side of the Moon

Here are some quick facts to note about this title & sample:

  • It started out as a 800 word short story I wrote 2.5 years ago

  • It is nothing like any other book that I have written

  • It contains paranormal material

  • It is to be released in the next 5 days, October 23rd

  • Though Halloween is partially themed inside, it is a YEAR ROUND story.

  • It is sure to stir a range of emotions

  • Unedited & subject to change

“This soul has a mastery of wandering, but all it’s ever wanted to know is how to be still.”

The death of her husband uprooted her world and flipped it completely wrong-side up. Even with memories of his brains splattered on her face and blood stains on her favorite silk robe, Eden still has yet to come to terms with the fact that he is gone, almost a year later. It isn’t that the absence of him hasn’t confirmed her reality, but it’s the lone fact that their final moments were less than amicable that’s keeping her restless soul awake in the night crying for his return.

In an effort to have her friend reclaim her life, Amelia encourages Eden’s return to the home where her husband was murdered to overcome the grief she couldn’t seem to shake. What Eden considered a pointless mission transforms into an experience of a lifetime. To her surprise, the love of her life’s soul has yet to rest either. In fact, he’s well within the nooks, crannies and walls of their home. As she comes to terms with this bizarre and frightful encounter, he’s soon within her fleshly walls, too, giving her the chance to relive their final moments so their wandering souls can finally rest.

“Whose pussy is this?”

         It was his third time inquiring about the ownership of my womanly part without receiving a response. I couldn’t offer him the words that I didn’t have to spare. And, though I wanted to, my heart wouldn’t allow me to fool myself into believing that this was an even exchange. His for mine.

         The gloom covered my lids as I elongated my neck in anticipation of, yet, another deep thrust. They were crashing against the waves of Eden one after another with no chances of recanting. The beautiful sound of our bodies colliding with one another filled the room, rescuing it from the silence and me from the pressure of responding to the question I’d been asked.

         Calico’s erection broke through my walls with little to no resistance as he transferred the feelings of guilt from his being to mine. It had been a full month since our flesh had united. While I’d been able to fight off the temptation for the entire month of October, there was no denying the need of a dusting that the cobwebs on my pussy had accumulated in his absence.

         With the revelation of his infidelity, I’d concluded our 5-year marriage with the hopes of never returning to the position that we were currently in -back arched, ass in the air. Completely throwing all caution through my bedroom window, I had allowed this man back into my bed and within my sheets even with divorce on the horizon. If you were to let him tell it, our patch was simply rough right now and would be smoothed once I had the time I needed to heal and once he was able to return in order to show me that his commitment was intact. 

         Sympathy consumed me as I felt wetness seeping down my spine. Our separation had cause an irreparable rift that we both knew could never be mended. Partially numb to the pain, I felt Calico reach for me, pulling me upward as he continued to make love to me -mind, body, and soul. Hands around me neck, chin tucked at my shoulder, he tried mumbling in my ear, but nothing came to. Groans and moans, from both parties, were the only vocal expression constructed.

         Exercising more forceful withdrawals and insertions, Calico allowed his actions to speak for him. “I’m sorry,” was well within each stroke. Back and forward. In and out. He rocked my body like a newborn baby cradled in it’s mother’s arms fresh from birth. And though I would never admit, it felt so damn good. So right. I’d missed this. Missed him.

         After realizing his words had failed him, I felt the wind of a regretful sigh on my back as it fell from his lips. Less than a second later, his perfectly white teeth were lodged into my skin. The pain was pleasurable to my physical but devastatingly hurtful emotionally. A single tear slipped from my right eye as I received the message my husband was sending. Not only was he sorry, but he had hurt himself in the process of hurting me.

         I was the first to reach my max with him following suit. His groaning was the sexiest, distracting me from the fact that he’d let his minions lose into my fertile womb. The drawer full of Plan B pills that we often used while together would be getting put to great use if I had anything to say about it. And, I did.

         Shortly after our climaxes, Calico prepared himself to leave. He was so damned irresistible. As I watched him ready himself from the confinement of the sheets we once shared, my urges returned. Under any other circumstances, we’d go round for round, but tonight wasn’t like the others. This was forbidden and I’d failed myself miserably by accepting him into my bed, again.

         I was conflicted in the worst way as I watched him buckle his Gucci jeans -ones that I’d splurged on for his 28th birthday a year prior. Maybe it was all in my head, but I figured he’d worn them on purpose, knowing they were my favorite. In fact, they were the only pair of jeans he’d worn more than twice. Calico had a thing about clothes. Apparently, they weren’t meant to cherish, as they were only pieces of threads. Besides, his lifestyle afforded him with whatever threads he desired.

         The anxiety that swelled in my chest was to be mistaken for nothing other than the result of a dark cloud that had been circling around my head for the past week. It was the very reason I had invited Calico over to be sure that all was well with him. As of lately, death had been knocking at my door, and I was afraid that someone near me would be the one to answer. The life that Calico lived placed his name at the head of my prayer list. As well, Halloween was a good enough excuse to break the treaty I’d made with my heart.


         Although my limbs were fragile, I attempted to lift myself from the bed. “Don’t worry. I’ll lock up.”

         He lifted his hand, putting a halt to my miserable attempt at standing. It felt like an eternity had elapsed since I’d last heard the confidence in his voice, when it had only been since the start of our sexual session. Before our clothes were stripped and we were baring our souls, he remained collected as he always was.

         Seconds later, he was out of the bedroom that we’d once shared. I listened to him paddle down the hall, but my breathing became shallow the second he footsteps became faint. Maybe he’s coming back. I wore my emotions on my sleeve as I thought to myself. Admittedly, the small glimmer of hope was soul-feeding.  

         But, to my dismay, I was proved wrong as I heard the creeping of the bedroom door just a few feet away from mine. The squeaking of the crannies made my flesh crawl as I listened on. Again, I reminded myself that I needed to put a bit of oil on the hinges of Cal’Leigh’s pink princess themed door.

         I listened, in silence, as Calico made a mess of my daughter’s face. I didn’t have to be present to know that the kiss noises meant that he was showing her love in it’s highest regards. That was his world. When it came to our baby girl, the fiends, the corners, the traps, or the shipments didn’t matter. As one would say, home was where his heart was.

         All night, the three of us had been out collecting candy in Cal’Leigh’s bucket as she pranced around in her hand-crafted mermaid custom. Her father had gotten it made especially for his baby girl. Her world lit up when he showed up at the door asking if she was ready to go chase down candy that she’d never have the chance to eat due to our limited sweets diet that she had been on since the tender age of one.

         As fast as my heart had settled, the pace of it’s beating went into overdrive as he pulled the squeaky door closed. Next, he descended the steps, driving me insane each time his feet tapped the wooden surface. Distance was being placed between us that I wasn’t sure if I was ready to come to terms with. Yes, he’d broken my heart and deserved to be handled with an iron fist, but I was miserable without him.

         Calico had a way of brightening the world around me even during the darkest of moons. The betrayal I felt when discovering his infidelities were nothing in comparison to the abyss that had been created in his absence. This wasn’t how I imagined things month before last and it was too much of a nightmare to bear the thought of it being the same for us in the months to come.


         Just tell him to stay the night… I was at war with my very own mind, battling the thought of temptation and not standing my ground.


         As his feet touched the 12th step, I jumped from the bed. My strength had come back, immediately. I had counted down, and knew this was my final chance. Throwing my silk robe over my slim frame, I, then, slipped my feet into a pair of fuzzy slippers. I hated making contact with the cold wooden floors of our home. They sent chills up my body and it was already cold enough in the windy city during the fall months.

         Rushing down the stairs, I witnessed Calico pulling the front door open. I didn’t utter a word, but picked up the pace. My feet were shuffling a mile a minute to catch up to him. I reached the doorway just as he prepared to shut it behind him.

         “Please, just st-” my words were cut prematurely.

         “Trick or treat.” An unfamiliar, deeply tenured voice appeared from darkness outside.


         The sound of a single gunshot paralyzed me, momentarily, after rocking my frame and scaring he living shit out of me. My thoughts had retracted and my mind voided the very awareness of my own existence. I didn’t know where I was, who I was or what the hell was going on. Neither registered until the initial shock began to wear off my frame.

         Warm brain matter spewed onto my face. Eyes wide as saucers, I tried to mentally process what was being orchestrated in front of me. The weight of Calico’s body dropped to the ground like a sack of charcoal, taking mine with it. I hadn’t even noticed we were standing so close to one another.

         I didn’t regain consciousness until a full second later. My ears rung from the closeness of the gunshot, drowning out any sounds around me. I felt as if I was in a whirlwind as everything around me began to shift –even the ground beneath me. Around and around, the world must’ve spun a hundred times or more.


         “Calico.” My voice was barely audible as gazed at his distorted features. His smooth cocoa skin had been pulled backwards, exposing the mind that I loved with every ounce of me.

         Like a howling wolf, I howled, “LORD! NO! NO!” My vocal box burned as his crimson-colored blood seeped from his body and onto my silk robe, “PLEASE. NO! SOMEBODY HELP!”

My hands shook, dramatically, contemplating on getting help or staying put. In my heart, I knew that he was gone, but I didn’t want to believe it. Not now and not ever. Anything that I could do, I would. Yet, my limbs failed me. There was a lack of movement that couldn’t be explained. Though I couldn’t conjure a logical explanation, I knew that I didn’t want to leave his side. For me, that was good enough. Emotionally and physically incompetent, but aware of my reality, I stared back at our front door. Death had knocked, and my Calico had answered.


“Earth to Eden!” Amelia snapped her fingers in front of me, pulling me from the vivid memory of my husband’s tragic death. Even the thought of that night had my palms clammy and my heart weighted as if it wore two tons.

“Sorry. I don’t know where I went for the moment.” Clearly flustered, I smoothed the lining of my pants in a sly effort to dry my sweaty hands.

“I do. You revisited the one place that always get you like this.” She fanned the sharp knife in my direction.

“Like what? And, why are you eating my son’s snacks?”

“Because, they’re just going to get squeezed for the juice, anyway.” Shrugging, Amelia carved another piece of apple with the knife in her hand.

“That is the point. How long are you staying, again?”

“Damn, you’re ready to kick a bitch out for eating an apple. Whew, chile. The nerve.”

“I’m ready to kick your ass out because I know this is only the beginning of a troubling weekend for me.”

“I came to cheer you up and keep you from running off the deep end with those exact thoughts you were just having,” she sassed before tossing another piece into her mouth.

“Whatever, Amelia. I’m going for a bath. I feel like I’ve been drenched in hot, non-sanitized water.”

Standing from the counter, I gave my childhood friend the side eye. Though I wouldn’t indulge in her foolishness, we both knew that what she was implying was truthful. There were only a few thoughts that could send me into overdrive and they all surrounded my deceased husband and two children.

Making my way around the corner, I began to sprint down the hall once I was out of view. Like every other time that I received that frightful vision, my world came tumbling down as if it were yesterday. Because, that is how it felt. Twelve months had passed me by, but I was still stuck in the foyer of our old home watching as Calico’s brains were blown from his head.

Finally, in the bathroom, I reached for the shower nob and turned until water cascaded down the walls. It was then that I felt free to live in my truth, my reality and succumb to the pain of my restless heart and soul. On the side of the shower door, I slid to the floor as the tears slid down my face.

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