Lorde & Sage?

Only because I missed them. Here’s something quick to read.


The rising of the sun sparked new expectations for Sage. Not only was it Pryce’s first day of Kindergarten, but it was the third day since Lorde had undergone corrective surgery. With each passing day, his world was blurring less and his vision was improving. For obvious reasons, she was on cloud nine.

            With her hand planted under her chin and elbow pressuring the pillow top mattress, she scanned her man’s features. From his shiny bald head to his pointy chin, there wasn’t a detail on Lorde’s face that she didn’t love. He was perfection in her eyes. Everything she’d ever dreamt. Lifting, slightly, she hovered over his sealed lids and squinted. She couldn’t help herself. The contorting of his face made her question if he was dreaming, and about what if he was.

“Get your weird ass out of my fucking face, Sage, and go brush your stanky ass breath!”

A sly smile snaked across Sage’s face. He was awake. Sage hated the days that he allowed her anxiousness to awake her before him. She’d spend most of her time finding any and everything to do around the room to make enough noise for it to seem like waking him was an accident.

“Open your eyes,” she encouraged.

“Na. I’m sleep.”

“Bae. Open your eyes!”


“Because, I’m trying to see something.”

“I’ve been trying to see something for years. You can wait a few minutes until I’m ready to get up.”

“But, you’re up!”

“No, I’m not!”

“Then, how are we having this conversation?”

“It’s not me talking. It’s my…”

“Somebody who says they’re an old friend of yours is in the living room. I told Pryce to keep him company while I came upstairs to wake you, so get up!”

Soundlessly, Lorde’s eye popped open as he reached underneath his pillow, simultaneously, and grabbed his glock. The force of his movements knocked Sage on her back as she watched him maneuver. Her smile widened realizing that Lorde hadn’t required any assistance finding his shorts or the second pistol that was on the chair that she’d intentionally moved to the other side of the room.

Lorde was so routine that he knew where everything was or where it should be, so when it wasn’t and he wasn’t able to exercise his independence, it disturbed him. This morning, he didn’t put up a fuss. There was only one explanation for it and the thought sent Sage into an emotional outburst.

“I love you!” She shouted.

Turning for a quick second, Lorde hissed, “You can’t love me or yourself because if you left my daughter downstairs with a nigga she doesn’t know then I’m going to have to arrange for two bodies to be taken out of this bitch this morning. Yours and whoever the fuck had the audacity to show up to my door. You can stop looking ugly and un-ball your face, because you know damn well that shit is off limits.”

“Baby!” Tears welled in her eyes, accompanied by a stinging sensation.

“Don’t baby me!” Lorde headed out of the room and into the hallway.

Sage was right on his tail, “It was only a joke! No one is downstairs and I haven’t gotten Pryce up, yet.”

Halting, Lorde twirled in place. When he turned around, he found Sage at the threshold of their bedroom with tears cascading down her beautiful face. It was in that moment he realized the rationality behind her early morning shenanigans. While his world was cut and dry, had been forever, she was able to replenish him. Water him. Help him gown in areas that he ignored and neglected before she appeared. Simply put, she made him better.

“Why are you crying?”

There wasn’t any sound. There were only tears. Big, thick and awarding tears. Tears of happiness after so much sorrow. Tears of love after so much pain.

“You can see me?” She questioned through tearful eyes. An entirely new, mouth-splitting smile garnished her face.

“And, you look like the same crybaby you been,” Lorde stepped forward and wrapped both hands around Sage’s shoulders, guns still gripped in both. Crossing them behind her, he pulled her closer and made sure not to squeeze the triggers. “Come here.”

“You can see me!” Sage continued repeating, no longer suppressing the whimpers that had been threatening to reveal themselves since Lorde made his way around the room and to his second gun without question.

“I can see you, baby, and that shit makes a nigga feel good. Real good.”

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