First Glance [RICH RICH] - Fair Enough

I’m 3 weeks behind.

Not intentionally, but because life is a bitch. It keeps taking people away that I love and people that are extremely close to my craft. I’m not sure what the hell I did in my past life to deserve the pain it keeps giving me, but I wish I could find out. I’m sharing this snippet just to let you guys know that there’s still hope and I’m trying! I am. It will be a few weeks behind schedule, but I am not giving up. This story and outline are too monumental. Late 2019.

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Samples are:

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  • Portions of copyrighted content

This book is:

  • Part of a series.

  • Extremely delayed due to personal matters.

  • Part of a series.

  • Dedicated to the memory of Tierra Perry, my new angel.

  • Projected to be over 80,000 words.

  • Will only be available on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

“Fair enough,” he responded, tossing his head back and emptying the glass, himself.

He wasn’t a champagne drinker, obviously, but his statement was loud and clear. He wanted me to know that I could trust him. Imagine that. Me, trusting a stranger. He had no reason to demand my trust and I had no reason to give it to him.

“Is that all you know how to say? Fair enough?” I inquired, immediately growing frustrated with the one-sided conversation that we’d been toying with.

“No.” Still, so short and straight to the point.

“Do you not speak English or?” I’d heard Italian being spoken amongst the Moretti’s and wondered if he was one of them that didn’t speak English like many of the others.

“English. Italian.” He shrugged, nodding with each word to assure me that he was able to speak both.

Still, short and direct. It was insulting, honestly.

“Then, would it kill you to say more than a few words? Usually people say what they’re thinking, but I can’t help but feel like you’re refraining. Not that it is any of my business, but damn. You halted my movements just to say things like, fair enough?” I huffed, bizarrely insulted by the lack of effort he was showcasing.

“Perhaps, telling you how I’ve been imagining our time together in the future would be frightening. Telling you how I can’t get rid of the sound of your pretty little voice screaming my name… Screaming for mercy that I will not give you as I penetrate you from behind while trying my best to capture every strand of your curly hair in my fist would be too much to reveal to a woman who couldn’t stand me sitting beside her at the bar just minutes prior. It’ll – more than likely – be a bit over the top and cause her to flee or want to at least. Like you’re wanting to right now.”

Stunned into silence, I watched as the man with the blue eyes scratch the stubble on his face that would soon grow into a beard, again. Stupefied by his statement, I allowed a few seconds to get in the way of me speaking again. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to or the words that would follow, so I opted for silence. Silence that lingered… and lingered.

“Fair enough,” he cut through the tension that had been created with his darling blue eyes. The smile that trailed his statement was earth-shattering, causing me to crumble before him.

Back to the basics, I summed. Unable to respond from the lack of mindfulness I’d been confronted with. He’d brought it back down. Returned to the one and two word phrases. Questions. Or whatever.

“Nice meeting you,” I started, trying desperately to smolder the fire that was rising in my throat and drying my entire mouth.

Though I’d just had a glass of champagne, I was suddenly parched. He’d drained my body of hydration simply due to his proximity. He was a threat to my health, obviously. Toxic to my mobility, because I seemed to be frozen in place with him near. So close. Close enough to smell the marijuana on his breath that was smothered in the finest cologne. But, he hadn’t been able to conceal the aftermath of the potent scent. My guess was that he hadn’t attempted, because a stick of gum would’ve easily done the trick.

“Haiku,” he intervened.

“Haiku,” I repeated with a nod. Suiting. “I’m going to be on my way, now. Maybe there is a woman somewhere in here that would love a good fuck, but I’m looking for forever. If bending me over is the only thing on your mind while wedding bands and bells are on mine, then I’m sorry but we have nothing to talk about.”

Nodding, he began tugging at the hair on his chin, “Miss Lady, there hasn’t been a single thing on Earth within my grasp, or not, that I haven’t accomplished if I wanted. You,” he pointed in my direction with his free hand as he allowed the other to fall at his side, “Will be no different. The universe will be sure that we cross paths, again. And, I won’t have to share a million unnecessary words with you because you’ll just know. Good day, now.”