Bella joins, "For The D" challenge...


I was laying in bed with Meek, and we happened to run across a few videos on ShadeRoom that displayed women rapping about what they'd do for the D. Of course, he turns to me and asks, "Baby... What you gone do for the D?" So, I had to let him know... 

Boom click for the D

Put a bitch face on fits for the D

Real slick for that D

Beat a bitch down, boom kick for that D

Breasts 30, Waist 20, Ass 36 from that D

Deep throating my protein got me supa thick for that D 

Nasty, I ain't saving no spit for the D

Sloppy for that D 

Fuck around and leave a bitch topless for that D

Catch a case for the D 

Fuck it, I'm going upstate for the D

Ima ride for the D

Bitch you can meet me outside for the D

I was made for the D

Pick cotton, milk cows, I'll slave for the D

Misbehave for the D

Up in church getting saved for the D

It's to the grave for the D

Sneak into the man cave for the D

Crazy for the D

Messed around and had two babies for the D

Im old lady for the D

Let the law trade me for the D

FaceTime for the D

Got me rubbing on my pussy in the daytime for the D

Play no games bout the D

Last name change for the D

First still the same, that's Bella with a B




*Who y'all tagging in next? Kelly? Wise? Reed?*

Mercy B Carruthers5 Comments