Spillage - "... get out of the car." - Chest to Chest

Gosh, I know that you've been waiting for this release since Feb, when the original date was set. Well, these two didn't have enough to say then, but now they're speaking to me. I appreciate your patience. Our July release is around the corner! Here's a spill!



I accompanied Hail to the restroom, and waited until her business was handled before we return to the store. As if it wasn’t jammed enough, by the time that our designer pumps touched the tiled floor, again, the place was crawling with even more human whose chromosomes differed from ours.

Hail showed no sign of shame, discomfort, or shyness, unlike myself. A nerd in a nutshell, my anxiety was through the roof, watching more bodies pile into the storefront. I was startled at the sound of Hail’s voice heightening –loud pitched, and unsettling.

“You that fucking thirsty to grab some ass?” her voice was loud and confrontational.

My ears buzzed, being that she was standing just beside me. I could feel my limbs freeze, holding me hostage. Eyes bulging from their sockets, I stared on waiting to see what was next. “I’ma need you to go in your pockets! Run me something, man. Feels ain’t free around this bitch.” Hail stood, arms folded as she waited for a reply.

“Shorty you can’t be thinking I’m about to dip into my stash for bumping ya little ass on accident!” I had yet to set my sights on the accused, busy watching out for Hail.

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking.” Hail rolled her neck.

“You cute as shit, but I ain’t pressed like that, ma. It was an accident, real rap.” His accent was apparent.

Up North, I summed up his original location in my head as I finally looked up. His brown skin was wrinkled, contorted as he stared back at Hail. Surprisingly, he wore a smirk that revealed the amount of entertainment he was receiving by getting my friend worked up. I said a two second prayer, hoping that God delivered him from whatever evil Hail was about to unleash.

“I’m pass the talking.” Hail held her right hand out, signaling for him to drop some money inside, I was assuming.

“You gone move up so that I can stop holding up the line and pay for my gas, or you going to keep standing there?” he chuckled, taking Hail lightly.

“Nah, Phifer, go ahead in front of him. He can wait.”

Hail turned and shoved me towards the counter. I could barely pay attention to the clerk for continuing to listen to the exchange between both parties. I was pleasantly surprised that Hail was remaining somewhat reserved. Usually, we’d be asked to leave by now by store owners because Hail went to the ends of Earth to prove a point. 

“That’s cold blooded, but I’ll give you that.” He shrugged.

I reached into my bra and handed the clerk the twenty that I’d removed from my clutch to pay for gas with. “Na. I got it, how much y’all getting?” I heard from behind. “They on me, yo!” he yelled behind the Plexiglas to the clerk.

I turned, frozen. I had no clue what to do. I humped my shoulders while staring at Hail for direction, because this was her beef. She had the meanest mug on her face as her eyes found the ceiling.

“So… what?”

“Step back, shorty. When a man offers to pay for some shit, you let ‘em.”

With her famous neck roll, Hail replied to the gentleman before my words could surface.

“Yeah, let dude pay for this shit, because he owes me. We were putting in twenty, but fill us up.” Hail, who was once pressuring her left side with the bulk of her weight, straightened the crook that was within her spine and waved her flamboyant nails in the air.

“Come on Phifer.” She beckoned for my presence.

Shrugging, I located my manners and thanked the young man who’d blessed us with free gas. “Thanks.” I hurried behind Hail as she swung her hips from one side to another. Every man within our view was smitten by the duo that sauntered across the parking lot.


“Keep walking.” Hail yelled before I could turn to acknowledge the call.

“What?” I questioned, completely thrown off by Hail’s sudden change of attitude. She had a mouth like a lion and the speed of a cheetah. For once, she was soundless. “Hail…” I smiled. “You…”

“Shut up, Phifer.” She gritted, speeding as she continued.

“But, you really li…”

Prematurely, my words were snipped. A black Cadillac truck cut my path, nearly snipping my toes that were poking out of the pumps that I’d chosen to pair with my elegant gown. A gasp fell from my lips as I jumped back to protect myself. Hail was feet ahead of me, so she’d missed the near accident by chance.

“Dammit.” I stumbled over my words, attempting to collect my thoughts.

“Aye, shorty.” I was, momentarily, disturbed by the immature catcalling that emitted from the vehicle that had nearly ended my life.

“Watch where you’re going next time.” I yelled, checking my shoes for a scuff.

“I wasn’t going to hit you. It’s a plethora of niggas out here trying their luck, and I’ve watched you turn them down. I figured I needed to go a little out of my way to get your attention.”

“By trying to run me down?”

“I’m insulted. I would never. Now that I have your attention, can I have a second of your time?” he asked from the window.

Finally, I drug my head from my new shoes, ready to put a face to the voice. I had a few choice words for the amount of rudeness that he’d displayed. I could’ve broken an ankle all for the sake of getting my digits.

“Lisss…” for what felt like the hundredth time in less than thirty minutes, I was tongue-tied. Twisted. Mute. Noiseless. Void of words. “Uh Hmmm.” I tried to cover my lapse of control with the clearing of my throat. “Listen, that was no way to win me over. If you want to be the gentleman that I assume you are, then your best bet is to get out of the car. I refuse to have any type of conversation at your window while you hang out.”

For emphasis, I squinted my eyes and huffed. After they found the sky, and returned to their positions, I started for the car again. I was certain that he wouldn’t follow. I could see Hail at the pump, filling the car with our free gas, the gentleman from the store walking up on her. Instead of suffering from the unwanted attention any longer, I took my place in the backseat, and leaned my head back on the headrest.

“Oh my God.” I felt as if I’d been thrust into a battlefield. Finally relieved, I relaxed my muscles. The frown that I’d worn had my muscles aching and begging to be discharged.

A gush of wind slapped my lightly polished face, causing me to lift up in curiosity.

“Now, you’re the one in the car. You gone step out so I can holla at you, or what?”

There he was, again. The man who had nearly cursed me with bodily injuries from his manmade vehicle. His urban nature was alluring, tantalizing, and captivating to say the least. I immobilized, like a deer caught in headlights. Sleek like fresh satin sheets and as handsome as the setting of the sun, he stood with his right arm draped over the door of our rented car.

My breath departed my lungs, and returned through my soul. Confronted with confusion, utterances seemed miles away. For the life of me, I couldn’t contain my rapid thoughts. From his thick beard to his bright eyes that resembled my own, I was titillated. His light colored skin was much like the sand on the many beaches that I had concluded and commenced mind-blowing projects that my clients had trusted me with.

He chuckled, popping a stick of gum into his mouth. The gestured caused a disturbance in the silk lined designer underwear that covered my bottom. His pearly white teeth paraded as his lips peeled back, forming a smile. My God, I thought to myself. This creature even has dimples. 

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