Spillage - She'd made a mess of herself. - Chest to Chest


Chest to Chest 

Her lavender soaked skin glistened through the dark of the room. It had only been hours since we’d, formally, met, but the attraction that we both held was too thick to even slice with the best knife. The jeans that I wore had been imprinted, evidence of my arousal being constricted by the fabric.

Annexing my undivided, I watched as she closed the distance between us two, eager to feel me near just as I was her. Moments later, she’d wedged herself between my legs, parting them as she stood in front of me.

She was ready, and she was willing. Though she was assertive and dripping with lust, the goose bumps that caused her skin to rise frequently and all over accounted for my already lucid thoughts. She was a good girl, and this was out of the norm.

As much as I wanted to put a halt to the downright distasteful act, I was a man with needs –wants at this point. Truthfully, there was nothing in the world that I wanted more than to lick, probe, and poke the delectable piece of skin that trembled before me. The attempt at discretion failed miserably as Phifer forced the thickness of her throat to make way for swallowing. The gulp nearly caused my senses to fade, and be placed back into my right frame of mind.

As I went to speak, I felt a pair of slim finger upon my lips. She touched me, awakening every nerve that had bidden relaxation. My thoughts went out the window as she moved from my lips to the sides of my face. She stroked my goatee and my ego at the same fucking time, making it nearly impossible for my dick to remain contained much longer.

Adoration dripped from her deposition as her hand trailed to my neck. “You’re so…” she paused, collecting her thoughts. “beautiful.” She chuckled, lightly.

I wasn’t sure what type of head games she was into playing, but the shit had me ready to blow her fucking back out. She was touching a nigga, but I was ready to show her how I really felt.

Grabbing her throat, I heard a gasp exit her lips, much like the one I’d heard after she assumed she’d been hit by my truck. With my free hand, I found her slippery slit. I could sense its proximity on her frame. The womanly fluids that lubricated the delicate area and filled the air lead my fingers right to it.

There was another gasp, the second time I touched her. Blabber mouth. If she was this noisy and I had yet to begin my assault, I could only imagine how flushed her face would be once leaving 3-bedroom rental property to face the crew in the early morning. 

“Damn.” Slipped from my thoughts as I reached her inflated bulb. It was covered in thick, sticky goodness. She’d made of mess of herself.

I stood from the bed, anxious for what awaited me. My mouth met hers, demanding full access. She opened her top set of lips just as she had the bottom after my hand clutched her most prized possession. As our tongues danced, I could taste the minty gum that she’d chewed in the passenger seat of my ride, admiring the lights that lit up the city.

“You made a mess.” I informed Phifer. Her spillage was sexy as fuck. “You’ve got to help me clean this shit up.”

I pulled my fingers from below, and replaced my mouth with them. Seductively, Phifer rolled her tongue over each one –giving them all special attention. The rolling over her neck and skill of the tongue assured me that she had some good top. Not to mention, her slob had my fingers even messier than when I’d inserted them into her mouth.

Time was of the essence. We had the night together, but she’d be gone first thing in the morning. She’d packed her bags, and planned to be back at her room in time to hit the road with her friends. With the inkling in the back of my mental, I pulled away and grabbed the lose condom packet that sat on the nightstand. Busying myself, I used my opposite hand to remove my jeans and boxers.

I ripped the wrapping with my teeth, sparing no time before I was pulling it onto my piece. “Bend over.” I instructed, assisting Phifer by grabbing the back of her neck and pushing it towards the bed. I wasn’t on no make love type shit. I’d just met the girl. One night only, that was the both of our mottos, seemingly.

She got the point, tooting her ass to my liking. Obedient. I loved that shit. Once again, I found her thick fold as if I was familiar with the pink flesh. I rubbed my member up and down the slit, amazed at it’s fluffiness. She had a pussy like the white girls I caught glimpses of in the flicks that I used to skim through as a juvie. Plump and fat.

“Ah.” She moaned from the mattress, letting me know that I was headed in the right direction. Her shit was good and slippery before I decided to make my entrance. Pulling back a bit, I found the opening with promises of a great time. Bracing myself, my piece tugged at her lining.