Pre-Release Spill - He was calling my bluff

Tomorrow is nearly upon us... Enjoy this last bit of spillage... 


At Your Request by author Mercy B

At Your Request

Laying with my back facing the comforting mattress, I stared into the ceiling. Confusion plagued my existence, taunting me as if it was a thorn in my side. I discovered difficulty when attempting to fathom the insanely intense undertakings that I’d participated in post dusk. Blinking, I confronted my reality, but it remained. I couldn’t register quite where I landed on either side of the fence. I was strangely straddling fascination and trepidation. Though I wanted to run for the hills, the amount of pleasure that I’d succumbed to was addictive, rewarding in a sense. At the thought only, my adrenaline had spiked beyond measures.

            Vividly, a rapid recap flashed, and I found myself panting, middle piece throbbing at the rate of my heartbeat –announcing its presence. Cold sweats, twitching of the limbs, and labored breathing quickly became the source of withdrawal. One could easily conclude that I’d been forced into a rehabilitation facility and locked in solitary confinement after a 12-year heroine stint. In one lengthy encounter, I’d been introduced to the most potent drug on the globe, one that the highest grade of crack cocaine, heroine, marijuana, whack, mushrooms, prescription pills, or any other known source of high could ever compete with. Semaaj was his name.

As if they were equipped with mental intelligence, my fingers cupped my sex. My mouth gaped, bottom row of teeth clenching my top lip. After a brief second, I gained control of myself, and defeat snaked my body as a vine would a tree. There was no amount of touching or probing I could administer myself that would equate to his sensual feels –ones that set a burning trail on my skin as he had his way with me. In addition to my revelation, I recalled his stern warning, “You aren’t to ever allow anyone to touch what’s mine… Not even it’s prior owner. Ripleigh.”

            He’d directly forbidden me to use any measures other than his hands, tongue, teeth, and overly gratifying manhood to bring me pleasure. He wants me to ask… plead… beg. Is this even legal? I questioned his motive, along with my own. As of woman of independency, he was using this as a balancing act, a form of control, a source of need. Semaaj sought out to calm my raging spirit, bringing me back to Earth. Just as I was his touch, he was desperate for my trust.

            There was thunderous roaring at my door that caused me to stir in bed. Fear crippled my limbs as I bucked my eyes with suspicion. Remembering that my daughter had gone for the holidays, I couldn’t imagine who’d have the audacity to knock at my door at such ungodly time of the morning. The blaring of my cell jarred me from my thoughts. I accepted the call with urgency in my tone. 




            “If I can hear myself knocking, then so can you.”

            “What are you doing here?”

            “You climbed from my bed last night and left me with a hard dick this morning. We’re both pissed. Open up, Ripleigh.”


            The thudding discontinued, but my blood rushed to my head at the thought of Semaaj being at my door. Compared to his home, my apartment was merely up to code, a shack in a sense. My once amazing space had become a hazard in a matter of seconds. The walls tried meeting one another with me stuck in between. Anxiety ran wild with my eyeballs, deciding on my next step.

            Dialing Semaaj back, I waited but didn’t receive an answer. Grabbing my bath robe, I slid it over my shoulders before taking off for the door. I snatched it back after unlocking it, and almost withered away like a lone flower in a deserted garden. He was everything. His back faced me, but not for long. I was confronted with the purest skin and thickest waves that man could ever possess. I was becoming sickly of the sea just by gazing from a distance.

            There was a distant look in his eyes, and I tried my hardest to register where it lied. It wasn’t frustration. That was the easiest to identify with Semaaj. Neither was it anger, because I’d seen that one before as well. The only emotions that I had not witnessed were those displayed during our sexual encounter. This must’ve been one of them.

            “Semaaj. What are you doing here?” I quieted the loud silence that was threatening to smother us both.

            “I should ask you the same, Ripleigh.” He stepped forward. Leaning in, he spoke in a low and calm voice. “One day, I’m going to have my serving of you right outside of this door and it’s going to be apart of our reel. I can hardly wait.”

            Had I been wearing panties, they’d need to be switched for newer ones –dryer. “Semaaj. Answer me.” I stepped back. “My daughter could be here.”

            “But she isn’t. I’d respect her space just as much as I’d respect yours. However, at this very moment, I haven’t subjected you to any form of flattery that you haven’t desired of me. Your lack of clothing under this God-forbidden robe is a sure sign that you needed me here as much as I needed to be here. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I’ll see to it that you go about your day, clear of the likes of me.”

            I didn’t utter a word. I couldn’t. He was calling my bluff.

Without another word from his own lips, Semaaj turned on his heel, and began to place distance between us two. My heart collided with my chest cavity, enlarging and requiring more space than usual. Horror flashed before me as I watched him grow further from my reach. After pressuring my chest cavity to no avail, my heart began to bleed. With each step he took forward, I felt more of myself leaking inside. Inhaling, finally, fresh air filled my lungs. The burning in my throat had subsided, and I figured that I should save myself before I bed out, completely.

            “Semaaj.” I yelled after him.

            Dressed down in a pair of gray sweats and a white shirt that clung to his chest and abdomen area, Semaaj faced me –again. In that moment, I realized I had never witnessed him in anything other than a tailored, overly expensive suit. God, this man is heavenly.

            “Ripleigh.” His brow raised, and a smile tugged at the tail of his lip. Here it was again, the pleading.


His steps were forceful, opposite the direction as before. Sure not to blink, I was completely against missing even a second of the glorious occasion. At last, I could identify the look within his eyes. He longs for me.

            There was no time to settle in my small victory. His hands were behind my head, and he spoke before indulging in me.

            “You into hurting feelings?”

            I pulled back after our kiss had deepened. Looking into his eyes, I searched for injustice in his words, but found none. He was truthful. I was ready to fuck whatever pained I’d caused him in my absence away at that very moment.

            “No.” I admitted, on borrowed breaths. “I didn’t want to leave.”

            “Then why did you?” He questioned, just as breathless as I was.

            “I needed to clear my head… last night was…”


            “It was. But it was also so much… so…”

            “You feigned control, Ripleigh. You’d been robbed of it for too long, and you needed space to feel a sense of ownership… independency again.” How does he do this?


            “I understand. It eases with time. What you have to understand is that though I’m in control, you possess all of the power.”

            He was probably right. As I considered his words, I thought of how helplessly he showed up to my door. His lack of jurisdiction was evident. The imbalance was confusing, putting it lightly.

            “I don’t understand.”

            “You will.”


            “My dick is hard, Ripleigh. There’s much more I could use your mouth for than speaking right now.” My hands were forced above my head, and body shifted. The back of my robe graced his chest. I strained my neck to get a glimpse of him.

            “Semaaj.” My lips quivered, sex throbbed.

            “I want my morning serving. If you were to honor my request, then we wouldn’t have to place anymore time between us, and have one another here.”

            “Right here.” I nodded, agreeing to his terms. I didn’t care to wait until he was bedded. If we both wanted one another, then not another moment should have to pass for us to be granted our cravings.

            “Right here…” I could hear the excitement in his voice.

His hand dipped, snaking under my robe, and gripping my ass from beneath. His softness was shielded by his aggressiveness, and I had yet to figure out who’s side I was more drawn to as of yet. It seemed to me as if the only time he was beastly was when confronted with sexual intentions.

            Semaaj’s hard pressed against me, restricting my airways. I didn’t understand how I was supposed to remain amongst the living with him so close, looking so astonishing, smelling even better, and promising me pleasure beyond my wildest imagination.

            “Right now.” I confirmed.

            Wind touched my backside, giving me the chills. With my hands already planted on the frame of my door, I hiked my butt up, so that I was nearly bent over completely. Semaaj fondled behind me before I felt the head of his member searching for my entrance way.

Blindly, he discovered the way to my place, and my body lifted in response. I could feel his latex covered manhood driving up my steep way. How he had managed to place his cap on was beyond me. I had yet to hear a sound, and it didn’t seem as if but a few seconds had elapsed before he was inside, claiming my walls again. I became lost in both myself and him, simultaneously.

The thought of being figured out crossed my mind, steepening my pleasure. I had no such reservation pertaining to the fear of neighbors gawking as they walked pass or peeping out of their windows in secrecy. If they had any sense, then they’d have an array of notes when their lovers returned for their own night cap.

My attention returned to Semaaj, only being altered briefly. The muscles in his arms flexed, veins sprouting as if they were close to bursting. His movement had stilled, and I realized he had yet to maneuver inside of me.

“Shit.” I heard him hiss, lowly, face planted between my chin and shoulder.

“Semaaaaaaaa…” I started to speak, but my words detached from my thoughts as he pulled backwards, then forward again. My box leaked, making his exit and reentrance a bit noisy. I was still lusting after what I’d already scored.

I felt the heat of his breath on my earlobe and his fingers pulling my hair from the scalp as his dominance shined brighter than a diamond. “Hands behind your back.” He ordered, dancing in my pool.

Obeying, my fell behind me. “Each hand under your cheeks.”

I gripped the bottom of my butt cheeks with each of my hands.

“Spread em.” He barked, never breaking his stride.

Chatter could be heard in the distance. I froze upon recognition of my neighbor’s voice. From the sound of her conversing with another, I knew that she wasn’t alone. Though we hadn’t formally introduced ourselves, I made it my business to know who I laid my head beside –for mine and my daughter’s sake. According to the property manager, Lauren was a graduate student working to achieve her doctorate in the next few years. Her family was full of defense lawyers, but she was taking another route.

My braveness tucked itself under the soles of my feet, as I recalled the compromising situation I was in. my eye squeeze, unable to register anything beyond the plummeting he was administering from below. I tried to gain my common sense, but the dick had me dizzy and delusional.

“Spread em.” He reminded me.

“Semaaj… My neighbor.”

“Spread em…” He groaned.

The footsteps drew closer, accompanied by my first orgasm of the morning. As my peak rose, so did my suspicion. I wonder exactly how long I had before I was caught with my panties in a bunch, somewhat. Had I been wearing any, they’d surely be twisted and tangled at my ankles by now.

Coming to terms with my indecent exposure, I clamped my ass on either side and pulled my cheeks apart so that Semaaj could have his share of me. I strained my neck to watch his head hang as he admired our point of connection. Jeez, I would’ve paid my last dime to witness such passion last night. His face contorted, oh shit. I felt the first slip. This man was the epitome of everything. Under the definition in the dictionary should’ve been a photo of him, right now, like so. His bottom layer of teeth peeked through his lips, catching the one closest and holding it captive.

As I heard Lauren round the corner, my head began to spin and body quaked. I stared on as he bit into his top lip with his bottom teeth, continuing to nail into me from behind. “Oh shit.” The words found themselves in the open as a result of my thoughts. “Semaaaa…”