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I know. I know. It's been forever since you've heard me utter a word about the release of The Plug and The Privilege. While you might assume that I have been selfishly avoiding the topic or not writing the book because I simply didn't want to, you couldn't be more incorrect in your life. As an author, you have to learn to respect your own craft, even if it isn't appeasing to others when you decide on or against certain things. Had I given this book to you any sooner than I am going to it would have pained me, your eyes, your hearts, and my characters. To be quite honestly, both Reign and Kierce closed up on my soon after their release and have chosen to remain silent until just recently. When they aren't talking, there's nothing I can do to make them. I simply have to wait out their stubborness until we meet again. Luckily, it was before the year's end. So, I'm still keeping these babies close to me. I just wanted to check in and let you guys know that they will be arriving soon... VERY SOON. I want you to enjoy your Christmas and family holiday without scrambling to your Kindles... taking precious time out of one of the most joyous times of the year. But soon after, it's on. 


She's back... Reign Baylee Jones!

This is a really short spillage, but it is worth the read. 

Unedited & Subject to Change...

“Don’t go.” She tuned back into his pleas. “Stay.” He requested, but she remained silent, completely lost in his dark features. “Stay forever.” Cupping the back of her neck, Kierce shared a mind-boggling kiss with Reign.

“I love you.” She whispered as he pulled backwards. Her confession had led him to oblivion. Their heavy breathing continued until they were able to come to terms with their reality.

“I know.” He spoke in response to her final words, staring back at her. She was the most precious piece of work that he'd ever laid eyes on. “So let me love you, back.”

“I have to go.” Reign admitted.

“Why?” Kierce sounded like a wounded animal, because he was.

As a man, wholly, he didn’t mind going to great lengths for what he wanted. Frankly, all he wanted was Reign. She’d returned his mother to his care, safe and sound. She’d cared for her in his absence and it had him tripping hard for her. That act alone had secured his heart, yet she was handing it back to him. But, he didn’t want it. It was hers to keep.

“My father directly forbids our union.”


“I can’t. Please forgive me. Goodbye Kierce.”

“Na. You not shutting this motherfucking door til you give me a better explanation.”

“That’s the best I’ll ever have.” Reign shrugged. “Please don’t make this harder on me.”

“Harder on you?” Kierce chuckled, grabbing her face and forcing her head in the sky where he looked down on her.

“You’re the second woman I ever loved and the second one to break my shit. The first one just walked back into my life tonight piecing it back together, only for you to shatter it just minutes later. And you telling me not to make some shit harder on you. Fuck you!” He belted, rocking her core. His words were harsh, piercing even. 

Kierce released Reign, causing her to fall back into her head rest. She watched as he stormed off and back into his building. She wanted to run behind him, but knew that there was no use. They would never be. Not in this lifetime.

“Damn you, RahMeek.” She slammed her hand on the steering wheel and yelled.

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