First Sunday: Reed + Rakeem Ep 01

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Please note:

  • These episodes are for those who can stomach the Urban natured content that Mercy produces.
  • These episodes are after the RahMeek and Bella Series, Dade & SaeKu Series, Wise Series and Youngin’ Blues, but before The Plug + The Privileged.
  • The clan is still young, fruitful, energetic, and learning each other as couples.
  • Their children are still tiny and their bonds are still unbreakable. 


First Sunday

Reed + RaKeem Ep. 01

            The cops were gaining distance. Trice could hear them just behind her as she exited her Beamer and hiked across the street with an injured arm and swollen face. The high-speed chase that she’d led police on hadn’t been intentional, but the minute gunfire erupted all hell broke loose. She was still chastising herself for trusting her brother’s judgment and scoring from the new connect that was eerily quiet and misinformed about his very own production. The thought of Trevor caused her to slack in her stride to control emotion that she had no time to tussle with –especially not with a city-wide hunt going on.

Passing up six houses and a field, Trice climbed the oak tree with the extended steps that hung from above. After the final step, she reached down and retracted the roped and wooden assists before tossing them into the customized bungalow that she’d built with her bare hands. The hideaway was disguised in the colors green and brown, blending with the natural groves of the tree.

Digging into the floorboards, she obtained two cellphones. The first was a prepaid – untraceable – piece of shit that she’d never used while the other was an iPhone under an alias. Opting for the prepaid, Trice dialed the single contact that the storage held, not caring that it was the first Sunday of the month. Though her savior had scratched them from his calendar to spend precious time with his family, duty called.

Positioning herself at the small cutout, Trice watched as cops surrounded her car. they were barking obscenities at the ride, assuming she was still inside –armed and dangerous. Unfortunately, the only person left in the car was her brother, wounded and no longer amongst the living. He’d been hit during the battle of fire, and gained his ticket to hell just before they turned down the street she was on now. One final look at the car just ahead of her, and Trice detonated the bomb that that was attached to the bottom of her baby.

A satisfied smirk tugged at her lips, accompanied by sweat from the thrill of the night and salty tears at the unwarranted disposal of her brother’s remains. Beside the explosive were the drugs that she’d tapped – neatly – to the underside of her coupe, assuring her that they would be the first evidence destroyed. All other traces of her identity would be erased as well. Not even she and her brother shared the same blood.  

“HELLO?” Trice snapped out of the frenzy that she’d been trapped inside. Wiping the lone tear from her eye, she spoke into the phone.

“Where’s RaKeem?”


“Shhhhhh!” RaKeem reached forward and silenced Reed by groping her mouth with the hand that he’d used to prime her pussy –making sure that it was soaking wet before he made his entrance.

Inhaling her own scent, Reed took note of the hand he’d chosen. Opening her mouth, she allowed his fingers to fall between her teeth as she sucked on them one by one. Her focus had been altered, keeping her voice down while her husband plunged into her backside with a force so wonderful that it made her want to yelp in delight.

Leaning forward, Keem whispered in her ear. “When we get home, I want you on your knees sucking this dick just like you sucking my fucking fingers.”

Keem was intrigued by her display of hunger while cleaning herself from his hand. The way that her neck rolled and tongue glided across them was bringing him to his awaited ending. Nodding her head, Reed agreed with his request, too afraid to open her mouth and release anything other than moans. Her submission made Keem delirious. When his dick was lodged inside of her, he could get his wife to agree to sex on the moon if he presented it. The dick dissipated her logic, but for good reason.

“I’m bout to bust.” Keem announced. “Fuuuuuuck.” It took much will-power to remove himself from her slippery crevice, but he managed. Pulling at his, now, exposed member, RaKeem pushed the tail end of Reed’s shirt even further up her back and allowed his seeds to sprout onto her cinnamon colored skin.

“That was another girl. You’d better be lucky. I’d rather another Rule than another Rance.” Keem’s breathing was labored, and absent of rhythm.

“Shit. Me too.” Reed agreed.

Their daughter was force to be reckoned with, while Rule was chill like his father. At eighteen-months-old, he was walking and spitting out words as if he was his sister’s age. Though Reed was mortified when learning that she was expecting her second child, the division that it caused between she and her husband had her rearranging her thoughts and getting with the program. Keem was ecstatic when the doctors announced they’d be welcoming a boy. He was determined for his legacy to continue.

Reaching forward, Reed grabbed a towel and started the water. Once it was hot enough, she rung it out and handed it to Keem. He removed his semen from her back and pulled her shirt down before pushing her legs apart with his and wiping between them. He folded the towel and wiped, repeating the same movements until he felt as if she was clean enough. Keem bent and pulled her jeans and underwear over her ass while Reed used the toothpaste to wash her mouth with her fingers.

“Watch out.” He called to switch positions. He washed himself and tossed the towel into the dirty clothing basket.

Stepping out of the bathroom, both parents bowed their head at the sight of Raven with Rule on her hip and Rance at her side. The scowl on her face told the story that her lips failed due to the extra set of ears that were upon them. Rolling her eyes, she handed her grandson to Reed before giving a warning.

“Aight, now. Three is company… Company that I’m not willing to keep. Everybody is pulling out. Get your children.”

“Mommy. Was daddy hurting you, again?” Rance questioned with her popsicle stuck in her mouth.

Reed snatched it before biting and removing herself from the conversation. She hated when Bella disobeyed her orders and gave Rance sweets. It was the same thing every first Sunday after dinner. Furthermore, Reed had no explanation for her daughter this time. She’d run out of excuses. It was RaKeem who’d texted her and demanded that she meet him in the bathroom down the hall, so it was him who would explain to their daughter why she was hollering at the top of her lungs, again.

Three hours later and Reed had steered Keem into a coma-like state. His tongue hung from his mouth as he slept like a baby curled up in his favorite blanket. Shaking her head, Reed pulled herself out of bed and headed for the stairs. She’d gotten behind on their current case loads, and needed to have a plan set in motion before Keem accompanied Bristol – one of his largest clients – to court the following morning.

Seated across from his desk, at her own, Reed logged into their dual accounts and accessed Bristol’s file. Thirty minutes would elapse before Reed heard whistling inside of Keem’s desk. Brows furrowed and face contorted, she wondered how his cell had gotten into his drawer when he’d had it in his pocket through dinner and after they’d made it home from RahMeek and Bella’s. Standing, she pranced over to his area and yanked the first drawer open. Yet, the phone wasn’t inside. Reed tried three others before realizing it was in the middle drawer, which was locked. Further confused, it displayed on her beautiful face.

Rushing back to her desk, she grabbed the small screw driver that sat in her toolbox. Focusing hard on the task at hand, she popped the lock and grabbed the small Android phone. Android? When the fuck did he start using Android? Reed questioned as she slid the screen over to answer the call.


There was a loud noise just before the line quieted, aside from heavy breathing. “HELLO?” Reed’s pressure was through the roof as she waited for a response.

“Where’s RaKeem?” The caller questioned, sending Reed into a fit of rage.

“Who is this?”

“That’s not your concern. Who might this be?”

“His motherfucking wife.”

“Hmmmm.” The caller spoke as if it was nothing. “So, where’s Rakeem?”

“On your mind, bitch!” Reed ended the call before slamming the phone onto the floor and stomping it with her bare foot until it was shreds.

Back and forth, she paced the office with a million thoughts cruising through her brain. She hadn’t experienced this obscene feeling since discovering Keem’s infidelity during her senior year in college. Her chest rose and fell as she tried reasoning with herself and her husband as well.

For his sake, she prayed that this was nothing more than a business call, but nothing was adding up for her. Keem used one phone for business, and she had access to it at any given time. He didn’t accept female clients, for several reasons. As well, Reed was aware of all of his clients, because she did their intake. Before they became his business, they were hers first. Reed nearly stomped a hole in the floor from the thunderous steps she took, repeatedly. As she gathered the facts and possibilities, time was zooming by.

When she finally found the courage to wake her husband and question his secrecy, another thirty minutes had eaten away at the clock. Exiting the office, she walked into the kitchen and searched the drawers for the largest knife she could find. If Keem didn’t have a logical excuse, then he was getting cut to shreds in his own home. She’d warned him, and he’d decided to play anyway.

On the way out of the kitchen, a figure on the video monitor caught Reed’s eye. A woman, dressed in dark colored clothing with her hair pulled back into a ponytail appeared on the screen. Squinting her eyes, she surveyed her features to see if she was familiar with her. To Reed’s disadvantage, she was clueless as to who was walking up her driveway. Instantaneously, the call resurfaced in her head, causing her blood to spill over in heat. Ditching the knife, Reed hurried to her front door. If this bitch had the balls to show up to her home, then she had the balls to get her ass beat with her bare hands. The door swung open before her victim could even ring the doorbell.

“May I help you?” Reed questioned, controlling her breathing with all of her strength. She refused to let any woman see her sweat.

“Yeah. I’m looking for Keem.”

“One second.” Reed closed the door. She had a different plan in mind.

She skated across the floor, snatching the hallway closet open and jumping up and down until she scored the round box that once sported her designer bag that Keem had gotten her for Christmas. Its purpose had been altered, and it was now the home of her glock. Removing it from its casing, Reed peeled back the safety after being sure that it was loaded. With bare feet, she took to the marbled flooring of her home once again.

Opening the door for a second time, she cocked her pistol and asked, “Now, who you say you’re looking for?”