Spillage - "Don't Go," The Plug + The Privileged 2

I know. I know. It's been forever since you've heard me utter a word about the release of The Plug and The Privilege. While you might assume that I have been selfishly avoiding the topic or not writing the book because I simply didn't want to, you couldn't be more incorrect in your life. As an author, you have to learn to respect your own craft, even if it isn't appeasing to others when you decide on or against certain things. Had I given this book to you any sooner than I am going to it would have pained me, your eyes, your hearts, and my characters.

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Spillage - "... he was a Mercer, and Mercers could handle anything..." Urban Tales Book 2

I've tired myself out with the thought of releasing something pertaining to the Mercers or not... All freaking day. For one, I'm in the stage of evoking my thoughts, so there wasn't much to share without giving too much or too little to hold on to. But after forever, I finally secured a piece. With their release coming in seven short days, I figured I would at least give you something to hold you over. 

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First Sunday: Reed + Rakeem Ep 01

Please note:

  • These episodes are for those who can stomach the Urban natured content that Mercy produces.
  • These episodes are after the RahMeek and Bella Series, Dade & SaeKu Series, Wise Series and Youngin’ Blues, but before The Plug + The Privileged.
  • The clan is still young, fruitful, energetic, and learning each other as couples.
  • Their children are still tiny and their bonds are still unbreakable. 
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