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The Hustleholic

Hustleholic | One that's addicted to the hustle. 

I'm Mercy, author of "Hustle Sold Separately." In early 2015, I debuted my very first title as a published author. Since, I've gone on to create more than 38 pieces, over 30 of them resulting in bestsellers, and collectively published over 85 books! I've MERCILESSLY built a 6-figure empire by breaking every barrier set before me through passive income and producing services to help others as myself see their dreams of becoming an author to reality. Within the pages of Hustle Sold Separately, I aim to teach women how to overcome obstacles and push pass perimeters set before them in order to design the life they desire to live. 

There is a plethora of knowledge to be gained from the amazingly pink publication that has graced the hands of women all over:

  • The Mindset -  Hustle Sold Separately introduces one to the mind and grind of a day to day hustler. Learn how to think progression in order to obtain it. 
  • The Hustle - Hustle Sold Separately emphasizes on the basis of hustling, and gives specific means of hustling that can propel you into the next stratosphere. 
  • The Sacrifices - We can't live with them, or without them. Hustle Sold Separately gives a deep depiction of sacrifices and just how effective they are to your progression!

Ravings about, "Hustle Sold Separately: Memoirs of a Hustleholic," have been the source of chatter since it's release. 

I finished it in one sitting. It was exactly what I needed to pick me up, and remind me that the hustle ain’t going anywhere. I’ve got a journey ahead of me but I’m a hustla baby! Can’t wait to see what you bring out for this year.
— CiCi of TheSixFigureChick
You know a book is good when you have to pull out the highlighter and pen. She’s really dropping some hustle nuggets in this joint. Can we say oh yeah?
— Audria Richmond

The Hustleholic Bundle

Hustle Sold Separately: Memoirs of A Hustleholic 

Hustle Sold Separately introduces one to the mind and grind of a day to day hustler. In this tell-tell memoir, one understands that in order to change their life, then they must change their mind to obtain the life they desire and the bank account they've dreamed of. 

The journal styled publication is easy to navigate, and shares a plethora of insight for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Learn to overcome defeat, motherhood, self-doubt, hinderance, financial obstacles, and many other barriers placed at the forefront when the hustle arises. 

Inside of Hustle Sold Separately, discover what it means to create opportunities that have been snatched from your grasp or never presented at all. 


Hustlin' Backwards: The Funds Organizer

Tired of transferring funds from my savings, working my ass off, and having nothing in return, I decided to at least try to end this madness. As an author, the only way that I can, honestly, digest personal tid bit is from writing. I’m a writer in every aspect of my life. Saving was no different.

I knew that if I wanted to save, then writing would need to be involved. There’s something about writing a goal/plan that solidifies things for me.

Within this organizer, it is my goal to help you lay out all your expenses, and really think about adding more to your load. As impulsive spenders, the bulk of our purchases come from never “thinking” about it. By creating this organizer, you will be able to make more conscious decisions when it comes to spending your hard-earned money.

For Better or Worse, Hustle First: Wealth Journal

It is believed that one must obtain a substantial amount of financial gain to be considered wealthy. The ultimate goal for most is to get rich and live happily ever after. As time would have it, the mindset of one evolves and submits to the truths of life. When the gullible nature subsides, and life happens, it tends to mold man due to its ability to confront everything that man has believed to be factual at one time or another. There are aspects of wealth that are rarely mentioned and often covered with the gleaming glitter that financial wealth allows you to sprinkle on the forefront of life for the world to witness. Mental, emotional, physical, and intellectual are statures of wealth as well. 

In For Better or Worse, learn to create a habit of expressing yourself to become a more wealthier being than the one that exists inside of you, now. 

Entry 1

October 05 7:28pm

Today is October 5th, and according to Wells Fargo’s alert that just scared the living shit out of me, I am not quite in the clear. I have a -55.89 in one of my savings, 459.32 in my checking, and $2,883.02 in my other savings. There’s ANOTHER savings somewhere that I can’t even quote it’s balance, because I’m not able to lay eyes on it. If I do, I’ll spend it. This I am certain of. 

One wouldn’t believe that amazon just dumped a hefty amount in both accounts on September 29th. I really need to figure this spending thing out. Oh, let’s not forget this red flag on my credit card statement. I owe them suckers $172.20. Just to think, I agreed to get that card when my banker assured me that it would increase my 524 credit score. 

“Only use it for gas, and small purchases,” she said.

“Pay it right off,” she said.

“It’ll lift your score,” she said. 

To hell with that. I swipe the damn card just because I can. Truly, I pay it every month, and my score has gone up to a 625, but according to the car lot that I bought my shiny red Benz from, that’s just not enough to have payments as low as I had hoped. Bummer. 

Well, aren’t I rude? I jumped into this thing without introducing myself. Blame Wells Fargo. Let’s try this again. When you turn the page, there will be a shiny new beginning to this piece of literature. Grab a bottle of something, and enjoy the Memoirs of A Hustleholic. 

Principle: I spent it, so I’ve got to get it right back.