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No one in this world can understand a mother except another. It isn’t a random theory I’ve come up with. It is FACT. Dearest Momma is written by a mother for mothers who are navigating the wilderness of motherhood. Penned as an open letter, Dearest Momma, dismantles the belief and demolishes the unnecessary strain that the need for perfection poses on motherhood while supporting the fact that it is our imperfections in which makes us perfect for motherhood. Because I can’t personally hug each and every mother that needs one, the pages in this book are contoured to serve as the comfort a hug provides. If no one else gets it, I do.

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As Mercy, I am a bonafide African American Fiction cultivator with over 65 titles under my belt. Between the pages and through the bleeding ink of my pen, I urge to create whimsical stories that depict the truth about black love with relative situations, circumstances, and characters. Mercy is a penman derived from a deeper desire to tell of less complex, circumstantial, stereotyped, and biased stories of black love. My goal is to highlight the misconception that black love stories can be everything BUT pleasant, joyful, everlasting, and beautiful.


As a woman, I am on a mission to dismantle the belief that motherhood is the end of your life while being the beginning of someone else's. The negative stigma attached to moms in business is where I thrive. Time restrictions, mental capacity and the selflessness of motherhood all combine to make kickass challenge that I want mothers to conquer with ease and without guilt.

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The Momma + Me Bundle Includes:

  • 2 Copies of Dearest Momma

  • 2 FREE Momma Journals

Other mothers need love, too. With Dearest Momma releasing just eleven (11) days shy of Mother’s Day, it is the PERFECT gift. This bundle includes two journals and two copies of Dearest Momma so that you’re able to enjoy this read and release with a friend. Momma + Me Bundles are ONLY available for preorder.