The Art of Branding Bundle

The Art of Branding Bundle


The first 150 copies of The Art of Branding as an African American Storyteller will be discounted at an astounding $1.50. Production, shipping and handling not included in $1.50 discount.

Within The Art of Branding bundle, you’ll also receive INSTANT ACCESS to the Books & Branding Masterclass (discounted at $20, originally $47) in which you will learn how to build influence and dive deep into branding as an author.

As an African American storyteller, I’ve learned that the methods others use for branding and the promotion of their books are far more different than those of my community. Our audience has an entirely different perception of the art of reading and speak a totally different language when it comes to the topic/task. There was a time when I studied branding from YouTube and other literary resources that I thought would enhance my brand only to discover those tactics simply didn’t work for me. This isn’t a one size fits all type of deal. African American storytellers cater to a unique audience and I felt that it was time to package my knowledge into a series of books that are dedicated to educating storytellers like myself.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The basis of branding

  • What branding means for an African American author

  • Building a solid foundation based on branding

  • How you can brand within your stories (books)

  • How I’ve branded myself in this industry

  • How to navigate a “saturated” industry and remain amongst the most sought out

  • Building a loyal fanbase through your branding

  • Tips and tricks that I have used to start my legacy

  • Mistakes I’ve made that I want you to avoid

  • The power of great branding

  • How to start branding with $0

  • +more


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