Hustle Sold Separately

Hustle Sold Separately


Hustleholic | One that's addicted to the hustle. 

Hustle Sold Separately introduces one to the mind and grind of a day to day hustler. In this tell-tell memoir, one understands that in order to change their life, then they must change their mind to obtain the life they desire and the bank account they've dreamed of. 


October 05 7:28pm


Today is October 5th, and according to Wells Fargo’s alert that just scared the living shit out of me, I am not quite in the clear. I have a -55.89 in one of my savings, 459.32 in my checking, and $2,883.02 in my other savings. There’s ANOTHER savings somewhere that I can’t even quote it’s balance, because I’m not able to lay eyes on it. If I do, I’ll spend it. This I am certain of. 


One wouldn’t believe that amazon just dumped a hefty amount in both accounts on September 29th. I really need to figure this spending thing out. Oh, let’s not forget this red flag on my credit card statement. I owe them suckers $172.20. Just to think, I agreed to get that card when my banker assured me that it would increase my 524 credit score. 


“Only use it for gas, and small purchases,” she said.

“Pay it right off,” she said.

“It’ll lift your score,” she said. 


To hell with that. I swipe the damn card just because I can. Truly, I pay it every month, and my score has gone up to a 625, but according to the car lot that I bought my shiny red Benz from, that’s just not enough to have payments as low as I had hoped. Bummer. 


Well, aren’t I rude? I jumped into this thing without introducing myself. Blame Wells Fargo. Let’s try this again. When you turn the page, there will be a shiny new beginning to this piece of literature. Grab a bottle of something, and enjoy the Memoirs of A Hustleholic. 


Principle: I spent it, so I’ve got to get it right back. 


Hustle Sold Separately Bundle includes Hustle Sold Separately: Memoirs of A Hustleholic, For Better or Worse, Hustle First: Wealth Journal, and Hustlin' Backwards: The Funds Organizer. 

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