Author Storyboard Workbook

Author Storyboard Workbook


9 Phase Guide To Securing a Well-Developed Love Stories (for authors). 

I've never been one to keep the goods to myself, and share my methods freely with others when I have the chance. The idea was to create a worksheet that would assist writers with planning their novel's pivoting points to help with simplifying their writing process and eliminating the issue of incomplete storylines. Well, I couldn't fit all of the knowledge that I was harboring on one silly page, so I ended up with an entire damn workbook. 

ASW is designed to help authors meet and conquer each pivoting point in their story in order to grasp and maintain their audience's attention. ASW is equipped with detailed descriptions and examples of each phase, helping you understand how to curate content of your own that aligns with your very own method of storytelling. 

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