The Art of Independence as an African American Storyteller

The Art of Independence as an African American Storyteller

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As an African American storyteller, I’ve enjoyed the independent spaces where our authors thrive as well as the nontraditional publishing spaces where our authors connect to create powerful alliances. With my energy, resources and time invested in both, I’ve grown a profound knowledge for the way that they can be beneficial. However, in my years of being a published author, nothing has afforded me with more joy, freedom, pride and CONTROL than publishing as an independent author. In this book, I unmask the truths of being an independent author and share bits and pieces of my experience to help you become a successful storyteller as I have become one through strategic methods. Inside of The Art of Independence, one will learn how to start from scratch building a legacy that is worth remembering by readers even after our bones no longer permit our pen pushing. This book will give you insight on how to promote, brand, market, publish and more.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The differences of indie publishing versus other publishing

  • What indie means for an African American author

  • Building a solid foundation as an indie

  • The benefits of independent publishing

  • Building a community without a publisher

  • Connecting with the indie tribes or creating your own

  • How to publish your books for $0

  • Tips and tricks that I have used to build a steady flow of readers

  • Mistakes I’ve made that I want you to avoid

  • The power of indenpendence

  • The background work of independent authors

  • Enhancing your visibility as an indie

  • Book launch strategies for indies

  • Consistency as an indie

  • Strategies to keep your name on the minds of readers

  • Become your own publicist, designer and more as an indie

  • Resources including companies and AA business owners to help you along your indie journey

  • How to become a full-time writer

  • +more

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