16 Quick Tasks Writers Can Complete This Morning To Attract Readers On Social Media



Maybe it has been forever since I shared a helpful blog, maybe it hasn’t. Who is keeping up, here? Of course, it’s Mercy and I wanted to share with you some quick tasks you can complete by noon on any given morning that will help you look more professional, attract more readers and stay on brand.

I can’t express how important these things are. Not only for you to look like you have your shit together, but for you to actually have your shit together. There has been so many times I have scored gigs simply from my social media being well put together. I’m not referring to the photos, but the background things that business look for and regular followers overlook.

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page that reflects your brand.

  2. Clean unwanted and unnecessary content from your Facebook Business Page. If it is not aligned with your brand, you simply don’t need it.

  3. Redo your IG bio section. Use emojis, signs and symbols to highlight things you want to stand out. Check out my bio on my IG. It is straight to the point.

  4. Create an appealing, seamless Facebook, Twitter and Instagram theme. When they’re all uniform, the consumer experience is just better.

  5. Create a cool Facebook Business Page cover (use the same theme for your Twitter page cover).

  6. Convert your IG account to a business account and link your email so that people can email you directly from the app for business inquiries or questions in general.

  7. Make sure that your email is visible on ALL platforms.

  8. Make your Instagram page PUBLIC.

  9. Make your tweets sharable. You never know which will go viral and get you a slew of new readers or followers that later become readers.

  10. Start a Youtube channel that is watch-worthy.

  11. Start a group for your readers.

  12. Comment often on pages with large followings or great engagement to snag followers that will later become readers.

  13. Reintroduce yourself on your Twitter and Instagram at least once every quarter so that new followers know who you are and what you do.

  14. Don’t be afraid to use private messaging/ direct messaging to share your new release.

  15. Post conversation starters in your IG stories and on posts. The more you talk to your readers (or potential) the more likely you are to gain a new one or maintain the bond you have with an old one.

  16. Find your favorite platform and dominate it.

There are so many more tips that I have, but I will end with these tips. Some, I’ll be expanding on in the future.

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