3 Ways Writers Can Begin Planning For A Successful, EASIER New Year, Today!

Declutter your thoughts & lessen your workload.

Okay. First of all, I feel seen. lol. Since the start of my writing career I’ve managed to be the Jill of all Trades. Now, I pride myself on being able to do everything (except edit a damn book), but I’ve learned the hard way that just because it is possible doesn’t mean that it should be done. I’ve worn myself thin over the last four years. It wasn’t until this year when I discovered my pregnancy did I stop. I literally was forced to shut down and I was sad about it. Then, as the months passed me by and my sanity began to peek its head around the corner, I realized how much I’ve been overworking myself. Stressing myself. Doing too much. Taking on too much. Serving too many. Writing too much. Since I’ve become a writer, this is the first time that I’ve actually been able to relax. From day one, I’ve been on the go and always feeling the need to be working. These days, if my word count isn’t met by a certain hour, then it won’t be met that day. Simply put.

Lessening your workload could actually help you declutter your thoughts and open new doors for you. Let’s take a piece of my new year strategy for example. I am used to pushing out approximately a book a month… sometimes two… this December, I even made it three. I was having fun, though. Plus, two of the books were shorts. Moreover, I feel a bit sad if I don’t get to release a book in a month -like I’ve let myself down or something. Well, for the upcoming year, I’ve decided that I am actually going to release LESS and write MORE words per book.

My novels are anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000. I’ve written a 75,000 book as well. My attention span is quite messy, so characters and books hold my attention long enough to get them to the novel mark and then I am done. Not anymore. To lessen my workload, I’ve decided to DOUBLE my word count in each book and release approximately every 90 days, give or take a few. Now, that is going from 40-60k a month to 80-120k every 90 days. I can literally write 1.5-2k a day and have my book completed, edited and ready to publish before the 90 day mark. Whereas, with my monthly releases for the last four years, I’ve had to have this all completed within 30 days. Even the thought these days are devastating.

As for you, figure out how you can lessen your load and yield better results without tiring yourself out. I used to host webinars, teach masterclasses, run author’s social media, host group coaching, make covers for authors, create websites for authors, create graphics for authors and the list goes on forever. ALL of that has been placed on the backburner. My load is light and I couldn’t be happier about the change.


Open those old documents that you never finished & revamp those storylines that you thought were awesome, but needed some work.

We all have them. The question is, can any of yours be revived? I have about ten documents I’ve started and never finished. The word counts range from 1.5k-22k words. Just this year, I decided to finish one of those documents. Pursuing the Plug was started back in Jan/Feb of this year. It wasn’t released until October. When creating your release schedule, consider including a read through of old documents on your computer in order to see if you can spice them up and continue them. This helps eliminate the task of outlining new stories for every book your plan to write. You can actually tailor the outlines your already have to fit the author you’ve grown to be over time.

I have approximately twenty-twenty five books outlined that I simply haven’t had the time to write. In the upcoming year, I have plans to revisit these outlines and bring these stories to life. They’re awesome. I just haven’t had the time to write them, yet. So, save yourself some headache and see if there is hope in old outlines or incomplete documents in your round up.

Create a writing strategy that works with your current (or near future) status & become clear on your goals.

Maybe this last tip is actually two tips. Last year, I was a mother of an eight-year-old independent little girl. 2019 won’t be so simple for me. Juggling a newbie is much different than carrying for a child who can fix her own breakfast and lunch. Because I am aware of my new status, I have written my 2019 strategy to fit it. Many create their strategies with others in mind.

Blank was able to complete twenty books last year. Let me strategized this upcoming year so I’m able to do the same thing. (Blank may not have three children and a husband to tend to! You do. Forget what Blank did last year!)

Blank can write two novels a month. (SO! Blank probably lives a secluded life that will soon run them bat shit if they don’t come from behind that computer and get out into the real world. Live, sis!)

Blank can bust down 20k words a day. (Your point? That is great, but does Blank have bottles to fix? School clothes to earn each morning? Dinner to cook for a family of five? School programs to attend? School lunches to pack?)

The point I am making is that you must make realistic goals for YOUR life and current status, not according to what you see others doing or what is working for them.

I hope this was helpful. Look for new and helpful blogs for authors in the upcoming weeks that all relate to success in the new year!

Mercy B CarruthersComment