Release Like You Mean It.

Dear author,

Congratu(motherfucking)lations! It is your release day.

Around 7:00am

You’re pumped. You’re excited, right? I’m sure that you are. I’m hoping that you’ve done a shitload of promotion so that you’re not stuck with the work on your release day. If you’re wondering how you can market your book before it is released so that you won’t be forced to do this on release day? I’m glad that you are.

Here are a few ways to nail your release day before it even comes:

  • Download or access an automation system for your book related posts.

  • Schedule at least 4 post that are ALL DIFFERENT but centered around your release (to all social media platforms possible).

  • Schedule your email to be sent to your list so that you’re not worried about that on the day of your release. Your only job will be to add the link to the email once your book is live.

  • Don’t be afraid. Ask your readers to change their profile pictures to your book cover.

  • As well, ask them to do you a kind favor and share your release once the link is dropped on release day. (Get them geared before the day comes, basically.)

  • Schedule the LIVE post on your business page and boost it the minute you get the link so that is squared away before you get out of bed. (If you plan to allow Facebook to campaign for you)

  • Put someone in charge of your reading group so they can handle the chatter you’re unable to.

Alright. Alright. Now that everything is squared away, by the time you get out of bed, there is nothing left to do on the promotional side.

Around 12:00pm

Mix & mingle. Virtually, of course. Decide on if you want to be MIA or present for your release day. If you’ve spent the last few hours prancing around on cloud nine because it is your release day, then by this time your decision should be made. Now, get on your social media. Everyone is either up preparing for their day or taking a lunch break to fill their bellies. This is a great time to catch them. A great time to thank everyone who has shared your release so far. As well, it is a great time for one of your scheduled posts to be going out.

Around 5:00pm

While there are many aspiring writers who are still at their computer wishing that they could gain the balls to finish their projects, you’ve went as far as releasing yours. How about that shit? I know you’re probably more focused on the people in front of you who seem to be so well loved in the literary community or wishing that you had the same fan base as someone worldly respected in your industry, but I don’t want you consider that. I want you to consider the people with files stored on their computers that are catching dust. Great news. You aren’t one of them. Think about the many nights this was only a dream, but you’ve transformed it to your reality. Just take a second to really come to terms with the fact that you are a published author, no matter how many times you’ve done this before.

What I’m trying to say is, give the charts a rest. Stop taking a peek at who is in front of you and checking their numbers so that you’ll know how many units you need to increase in sells in order to place them behind you. Take this time to buzz a friend’s line and go to dinner or for drinks in the next hour or two. Pick your favorite spot. A place that makes you really happy inside. Or, just get all pretty and force your spouse to go with you. And when you get there, do not check your phone. Enlist an author friend to give you live updates of the charts if you just can’t get them off of your mind. But, personally, don’t bother with them.

Around 10:00

The day is wrapping up. I’m hoping your release day went as smoothly as it could’ve and the reviews are beginning to tumble in. Good job, kid. But, before I let you go to bed, I have something to tell you.

There are a few things you need to do.

  1. Take a second to live in the moment. Be thankful. Be grateful. Even if you only got one download, there’s someone out there who wanted to read your book.

  2. Talk your shit. If you hit those charts, then don’t be afraid to gloat. You worked hard enough and you slaved over that book. Your work paid off, so let the world know that you were successful in your efforts.

  3. Remember not to beat yourself up! Maybe you didn’t get to where you wanted to be. So. Make this a lesson and motivation to strive harder next time. Do a little more and be a bit more active. Wherever you could’ve fucked up. Fix it. Don’t cry about it.

  4. Thank the people who made this all possible. The readers. The promoters. The authors who shared and the list continues.

… and maybe you’re not ready for bed. Too bad I’m always asleep by nine. But, if you aren’t, remember to think of all the good things that has come from this day and wrap yourself in those. If no one else tells you this, I’m proud of you. We can be so hard on ourselves, but we must remember to remain focused on our own paper and not measure our definition of success to other’s reality. You don’t know what that person had to overcome to get to their spot. Nourish your craft and keep your head straight forward. It is the only way to survive this thing. Get better with each release and write a bit more effectively with each book. You’ve got this.

Mercy B CarruthersComment