I'm Not About To Let This Sun Play Me, Sis: 8 Hacks For Women Fighting The Summer Heat

Listen, you can lie to yourselves, but I won't let you lie to me. It's hotter than a camel's cooch out here. Now, I'm not exactly sure how hot that is, but use your imagination. Yesterday, it was 101 degrees. Imagine that. Moving along. For the past year (since relocating to Dallas, TX), I've been feeling as if I'm going through menopause.

Hot flashes, random sweats, and over-the-top emotions due to the insane heat.  

Then I had to be honest with myself. "Mercy, you're old but you're not THAT old."

My transparency is evident by now, so I'm not afraid to share that I have found myself a little tart about 75% of the Summer from simply stepping outside. That's horrible. It's embarrassing, and down right funky. I couldn't keep going out like a sucker when it came to the sun, so my experiments begin!

As a woman, I hold myself to a certain standard and the heat wasn't allowing me to live up to those. I've tucked myself away in the house some days that I wanted to get our because I was afraid to face the heat or have to come back in for a shower after an hour because I could smell myself .... everywhere. Women NEVER want to feel this way. We're known as the pure and clean half of the human species, yet I was feeling like my name was Jack.

Jack worked on well oiled machines and carried a dirty rag in his back pocket. Jack only came home at the end of a workday and his wife needed bleach and Awesome to scrub his gunk from around the tub. Yes. I made Jack up, but I was him... 

Now, the point of this blog is to assure other women who are having the same issues that you are not alone. I have curated a list of products that I have experimented with and has helped me tremendously. Now, I walk around with my confidence in tact because I'm sure that the Jack in me has disappeared forever. 


Wear cotton underwear. Silk, mesh, and all the fancy stuff is cute, but cotton will keep you FRESH! 

Wear athletic gear such as Dri-Fit to keep down the chances of sweating. These keep you cooler, and are more lightweight. 


Try Vagisil Powder to keep your vaginal area dry. It has the ability to sweat just as your underarms, back, neck, face, and etc.  BUY HERE. There's also a spray that is similar.


Ladies, I know your edges are tired of the sun as well. Toss the edge control for the warmer days, and go with this paste. BUY HERE. 


Here's to keeping the cooch nice and fresh. Pop a few of these into your purse, and whip them out when you feel yourself getting too excited down below. BUY HERE.


Up the ante on your antiperspirant. Clinical strength gives you a greater chance at surviving the day without the sweat stains and tangy armpits. BUY HERE


If you're a sweater, then this will help keep the embarrassing dark spots from your clothing. Layer up. Men wear undershirts for many reasons, catching their sweat is one. Let's try their methods. I do. BUY HERE.




Stay inside and read my book. This way, you won't even have to deal with the Sun. INSTANT DOWNLOAD or PAPERBACK!