Dear Black Man, I Love You

Dear Black Man, I Love You

For now, I want to remind my black man just how much he is loved and appreciated. In a world where they're being murdered and pursued as the big bad wolves, we must continue to pour good faith into our black men. No one is gong to do it for us. Women, be the Queen. When a simple encounter with the police can be the moment he takes his last of breaths, and be sent to the glory, we must lift him up while he's still on borrowed time. If you have a black man, know a black man, or will soon encounter one, here's to him. 

Dear Black Man, 


I love you. I love you like the bees love honey, and the banks love money. I know that line was corny, but I had to start with something funny. After all that's happening, now, I wanted to give you a reason to smile before I commanded your time for a little while.

On a more serious note, I love you for your rich chocolate stature, and line of unfiltered heritage. Even if you're worthless to others, you mean the world to me. Whether it's the wrinkles within your aging skin or the dimming of your dark eyes, they tell a complete story of strife, lack of acceptance, cruelty, pain, injustice, anger, and worry... For you don't know what your tomorrow holds. Yet, and still, you're beautiful, black man.  

Black man, you owe no apology for your broad features and manly curves. Your shell is so true to your culture, and it's awe-striking. You're built like a precious fixture in my grandmother's living room... You're made so wonderfully. My God, he was showing out when he created you. I brag... I'll admit that I brag about you all of the time. Your dark hair, eyes, large lips, round nose, and facial hairs. Everything is placed so perfectly. I just love you, black man. 

Black man, your strength is commendable. Each time you're knocked down, you get back up. You remind me of one of those Tom and Jerry episodes, determination being your strong suit. Those millions of times when I couldn't give 100% of what God had given, you simply poured more of your goodness into my cup. That's why I love black man. Even with calloused hands, strong facial features, and arms claimed by muscle... You're the gentle giant that no one wants to learn to understand, but I do, black man. 

Black man, I'm gushing over you. Don't you see that? While everyone is gunning you down, I'm appalled at your will to place your armor on and go to war each day. I'm not just meaning physically. I'm talking mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's amazing how you fight those mental battles while smiling and carrying on about your day. You never let your emotions get the best of you while you're heading the dinner table and bowing to pray... God, it must be so difficult to keep your faith... When your brothers are being killed everyday... But black man, if you walked out of our house just after kissing the children, and was gunned down today, know that we love you... And your worries as a black man have been taken away. 

But wait...


Black man, I'm raising your son. The harsh realities of his future keeps me up at night. Black man, how do I overcome the fact that my baby boy will be slighted simply by the color of his skin. You have the answers that I so desperately seek. Next time, can we talk about this before you lay down to sleep? Because, as his parent, I want the world to love him just as I do, much like your mother loved you. Black man, forgive me for flipping the strip, but the concern arose as I thought of all that's unsure. I'll rest my case until you're home from work. I'm not you, black man. I can never be. So, please enlighten me on the well-being of our seed. 

I had a moment of uncertainty...

My apology...

Back to you...

Black man, you're the definition of excellence. Everything about you is worth a hoot and a holler. The bells and the whistles. The fun and the fancy. From your head to your toe, you should be clothed in the finest garments, bathed with pure glitter and silk, acknowledge when your presence is upon others, celebrated in a major way, gather the harps to sing, and rightfully be crowned King. 

It's my duty as your Queen, to open up... And remind you that you are beautiful. You are bold. Your are strong. You are important. You are black... You are a black man... You are a BELOVED black man. 


Your Black Queen.


To all of our fallen soldiers, may your souls rest in peace. We haven't forgotten about you, and we never will.