3 Essentials (Needed) For (Taking) Professional Looking Photos For Your Blog or Website With $0

3 Essentials (Needed) For (Taking) Professional Looking Photos For Your Blog or Website With $0

You don't have to spend a fortune on photography. Don't believe me? I take my photos alone (98% of the time). In fact, I'll give you the 3 essentials and why they are must haves. Get this, not only is this method FREE, but you won't need anyone to help you either. This can be done ALONE.

1. Camera 

This can be your point and shoot, professional, or iPhone camera. iPhones take great pictures. There is no need to go all out. Some of the best photos are captured by simple shooting.

2. Tripod

This is the essential that allows you to shoot ALONE. With a tripod (typically around $15) you can set your camera source up and set the timer on it. All that will be left for you to do is pose and wait for the flick. 

Now, a tripod is recommended, but not necessary. If you're in a great location, you can sit your camera or phone on something, and make sure it's stable. Set the timer, and shoot. 

3. Great Lighting

This is the key essential. You can have the first two and still not create magic. Lighting is everything. Instead of attempting to mimic lighting, get it from the source. Take photos in the daylight when the sun is popping, and your pictures will follow suit. Pictures created outside are always more clean and crisp looking. 

So, yeah, these are all the things you'll need for free professional looking photos. Branding requires a uniform and professional appearance. Don't lose a potential client with low quality images, looking like a bugger instead of a business.