3 Self-Care Tips To Better Yourself and Your Business

3 Self-Care Tips To Better Yourself and Your Business

We all know that running a business can be both draining and time stressful to say the least. We're always so worried about making sure that our business needs are met that we often times forget about our personal needs. Self-care is usually neglected when your business's progress or lack there of is constantly at the forefront of your daily. However, I must tell you that you must first take good care of SELF before you can anything else. We so easily burn ourselves out and end up helpless all together. I've seen it a thousand times.

1. Learn to delegate and remember that tomorrow is another day to get it right! 

We can't always get everything done within a day's time span. Remember that there are 24 hours in a day, and a good chunk of those are dedicated to sleep. Not everything that needs to be done can be done in one day. Besides being a business owner, you're a person. Please keep that in mind. 

Because of this notion, I've learned that sometimes the bigger tasks require my attention, and smaller ones can be given to others. A great form of delegation is hiring staff (or getting your family members to help out in some way). Personally, I have two assistances. It's the best decision that I could've made as a mother, author, publisher, and CEO. Sometimes we were so many hats, and are so hands on that we tend to want to do everything ourselves. You're tiring yourself out. Your business needs you functioning at 100% at all times.

Delegating doesn't remove a single point from your credibility. In fact, it shows the true meaning of a business owner. You care so much about your business and it's wellbeing that you gathered help in order to be sure that it's running at it's full potential at all times. Go you!

2. Capture your gratitude. 

Just be thankful. It's as simple as that. First, be thankful that you even have a business to call your own. So many people dream of running a business at their own rate and pace. You're doing it. That's reason number one to be grateful. Okaaaaaaaaay? Now, here's more. 

As business owners we tend get side tracked by the lowlights aspects of our business. Because we are forever focused on the betterment of our business (such as how we can bring in new clients, make more sales, gather more leads, integrate new services, turn services into packaged courses, and the list goes on...) our actual scale of progression can be tilted, and often misread. Our mind tricks us into believing that because we have so far to go that we haven't come as far as we've come.

My solution to that is to capture each moment possible of your business's journey... Capture your gratitude. Acknowledge how much your business has grown, and you'll start to feel optimistic about how much further it's going to go. Looking back over my old lousy photos, worksheets, blogs, package deals, and course content, I can't help but to be thankful for my glow up!

If you will, grab a business journal the very next time that you are in the store. Jot down your concerns, frustrations, and happiness within your business. As the months pass, and you flip back, you're appreciation for the process will more than triple. 

Lastly, speak life and good faith into your business. Often times, it's rewarding to call out the things that are going right within your company. Literally, ex out the mishaps and mistakes that you've made, and speak only of the good. Man, this moment of gratitude will have you running to the drawing board with plans of making your concerns a past time. 


3. Find something that interest you outside of work, and give it a bit of your time. 

Gosh, this must be hard, huh? How can you focus on the enjoyment of anything when you have a business to run, right? Wrong! This little tip can be the savior that you've been waiting to come for your sanity. Get yourself a hobby, one that isn't business related. If it's drawing or coloring that you like, find painting classes and go with a girlfriend. 

Step outside of your comfort zone, and get adventurous. After all, you're stuck behind that desk all day long, so a bit of sun and good conversation from others can be just the bit of umph that you need. Remind yourself that you are a person, and you once loved doing things. You're activities don't have to be over the top, they can be as simple as taking an extra shower a day just to be alone with your thoughts. Get back to penetrating yourself, and finding out what makes you happy and do it. Just do it, okay? 


Here are a few things that I do in my "me" time...

1. Sit in my car in the morning, after answering emails, and listen to my music. I'm not driving, just sitting in park listening to music. 

2. Take two baths in the day. The last one isn't for the cleansing of my body, but rather my mind instead. 

3. Swimming. I recently moved out of a house, and my place has a pool, now. I take a dive to clear my mind, sometimes. 

4. Go to dinner alone. These times are always memorable. 

5. Read.

6. Walk the dog for longer than he expects. Lol. We go for more than a piss and a poop.

7. Research other thriving millennials.

8. Take trips out of my city.

9. Go for a bite of Baskin Robins cookies and cream ice cream.

10. Jog in the morning. 

Other self-care tips to rely on.

  • Drink water.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Pray often.
  • Socialize.
  • Incorporate a dance move or two within your day to day.
  • Mentor