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So, before I nap and wake to indulge in New Year's festivities in the Big Apple (New York), I wanted to take a moment to reflect. I'm always interested in helping people through personal experience, which happens to be the BEST teacher of all time. Welp, I'm going to cap the year off with 17 things from 2017. Throughout this list, it is my goal that you learn something, smile a little, laugh once, feel inspired, strategize for your upcoming year, kick fear in the ass, and anything else you feel the need to. So, no need to keep explaining. Here's my list!

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Even when you reach your destination, prepare to relocate. Elevation should remain the goal! I've learned that when I am most comfortable, I am less productive. The minute I find myself bent out of shape about my tasks, goals and circumstances in general... greatness follows. 


I'm an open book, never deeming it necessary to hide my truths from the world. I'm not afraid to admit that 2017 sucked for me. I've cried so many nights in my bathroom while praying to God for the strength to continue even while no one seems to be watching, one-clicking, buying, reviewing, reposting... all of that. Each time I bathed while the tears cascaded down my cheeks, giving up was never the solution. I'm still waiting for God to reveal his plan, but in the meantime... I'm still striving. I'm still going and still maintaining. One thing I noticed about a quiter is they live with the "WHAT IF" ghost haunting them for the rest of their days. It eats away at their happiness and destroys them in the end. 

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Instead of telling Facebook or Instagram your issues, take that heartbreak to the bank. I've profited, tremendously, from my pain. TIme and time, again. Channel your emotions in a way that is beneficial to you. In fact, my entire career stemmed from pain. The loss of my daughter's father placed me in an unfamiliar state of depression that I literally WROTE myself out of. Hence, Mercy was born. 

(6) Today...

I stood outside of The New York Times and spoke to myself. Yes, I may have looked crazy, but I have my reasons. I've come to learn that manifestation is real. In order to achieve it, you must feel inclined to receive it... from the universe, from God, from yourself, from your hard work and from your dedication. It is possible. If someone has done it before, that means that you can do it, again. 

(7) It is okay to look like a junkie in New York. 

The weather permits this type of behavior. 

(8) There's a website, not sure if you have heard of it... Anyhow, google.com is the address. 

It is your best friend. You can save yourself a shitload of money, time, embarrassment and headache by visiting this magical place. It is unmatched and undefeated. It is the capital for all things information. 


(10) Yesterday is your only competition!

Quit competing. You're going to get off track, lose your way and land in a ditch trying to keep up with others. That's not your fight. That's not your race. That's not your place. You'll lose sight of your purpose and promise trying to make a finish line that doesn't even have your goal as the winning prize. 

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(13) My favorite actor is Denzel.

I'm still sick to my stomach that he's being cheated out of awards. It is my prayer that I'm able to work with him before he kicks the bucket. 

Life is short. Hand them roses while they can still smell them.


One thing I have noticed this year is that more people feel inclined to speak on, comment on, butt in and worry about other's business. I can't tell you how thick my bubble is and how much I enjoy staying inside while the world goes crazy around me. If it doesn't concern the well-being of my child and myself, my finances or my sanity.... it doesn't concern me. You spend too much time being wrapped up into others when it could be more time spent with self, reflecting, evolving and elevating.

My guess is you don't have enough going on so you're passing time by worrying about others. Here's something that you can do to suck up that extra time you have sitting around. Grab some coconut oil, beeswax, scented oil and crayons. Make you some colorful (natural) lip balms to keep those lips you like running from cracking. 

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(17) Choose happiness. 

2017 has been an emotional rollercoaster, and I still don't understand how I have been so easy about everything. My life has probably been one big pile of shit this year, but still I've chosen to highlight the greater aspects rather than drown in my sorrows. Complaining won't make anything better. 

So, instead of doing that thing we call nagging, I throw myself into work. Because I know that work makes me happy. I choose it every single time. You should as well. 



Okay. I created this blog post before shutting my eyes for a cat nap. I haven't taken the time to reread, just rambling from my thoughts. Hopefully you have enjoyed. Peace.

Happy New Year!


  • IF ONLY FOR THE SUMMER by Alexandra Warren
  • CHEST TO CHEST by Mercy B

Channel your emotions in a way that’s beneficial to you!
— Mercy B

(5) CRY.

It is alright. It won't be the first or the last time. I feel my best after a good cry. Let it out.

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Idk where this came from, but Rick James just popped in my head. The Chapelle show was the funniest. 


(11) Strategy is KING. -Mercy

Syx & the City is the first novelette to a series of novelettes that were composed as a strategy to obtain an audience, broadcast my capabilities and give readers a chance to familiarize themselves with Grey. My reason for creating this strategy was to receive the best outcome I possibly could stepping into a new field, new genre and writing for a new crowd. 

Most times writers write just to write. But, let's face it. If writing is your "career" as some love to put it, then writing to write may not be the smartest idea. Having a plan is. Be strategic about your releases, series, debuts and every other aspect of your "career". You think that Jay Z releases music just to release music? No. He's very strategic, and so is his wife. 

(12) Writers must be businessmen, too... or hire someone. 

Being a great business woman has ultimately lead to me being a great author. Yeah. I mean, I've always had the writing aspect of things down. It's the business side of things that have taught me the most and taken me the furthest. Being able to analyze data, speak up in meetings, maneuver my way through sticky situations and so forth that has strengthened my reach as an author. I've taught so many people so many things when it comes to business in the writing industry that it brings me pure joy to see them implementing them and obtaining great results. Anyone that has crossed my path, I've attempted to put them up on some type of game. It's because I know that there is more to being a writer than writing. 



If it keeps you awake at night, do it. If you can't get if off of your mind, do it. If the characters won't leave you alone, write it. If the story won't go away, write it. What you're most afraid of is what is going to take you to the next level that you desire to be on. 

(16) Plan like a pregnant woman in her final four weeks. 

I'm telling you... I plan more than the average person, I think. My mind is horrible and my schedule is hectic. Bad combination. Not only do I plan (always), but I prepare as well.

A plan without preparation is DEAD! - Mercy B

For the life of me, I can barely even remember to call my grandmother to check in with her as often as I should. It's a sign that my mind is aging before my body. And to think, I used to think people telling me that I was mature for my age was a compliment. Ha. Joke is on me, now. Anyhow. I have two large planners that I use religiously. 

I use them to:

  • Keep up with client project management. 
  • Curate my writing schedule.
  • Created my promotional plans.
  • Decide on personal time. 
  • Be aware of upcoming events, meetings, consultations and more. 
  • Keep up with deadlines.
  • Track progress.

Basically, lifesavers. Get you one. 

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