8 Lessons Beyoncè's Coachella Performance Taught Me About The Journey To Greatness

So, I fell asleep last night (because I'm an early bird) before Beyoncè hit the stage at Coachella. Mind you, I'm not the biggest Beyoncè fan, but I love the girl for more reasons than I can name. She exudes greatness, and when the word is spoken she's often who comes to mind. As an aspiring legend, I'm mindful of the qualities she possess and often take note on her continuous rise and method of going about things.

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The Day I Gained My "FxCK IT" Mentality - Oh, and Meet Grey.

We've all been here, at the point in our lives where people's opinions begin to poke at our core and determine how we go about our next move. That was me, for the last few months. I burst onto the literary scene just two years ago, waving my flag and declaring that I was different... much different from the others. Before I knew anything about charts and bestsellers, I had one goal and that was to defy the stereotypes of black love - or the lie that beautiful black love stories didn't exist. SO, I set forth on my journey, depicting the lives of the people that I saw everyday... notably urban-natured characters. 

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3 Essentials (Needed) For (Taking) Professional Looking Photos For Your Blog or Website With $0

You don't have to spend a fortune on photography. In fact, as a part of my Branding On A Buck (FREE) webinar, I teach the basics of getting professional looking pictures for FREE. For now, I'll give you the 3 essentials and why they are must haves. Get this, not only is this method FREE, but you won't need anyone to help you either. This can be done ALONE.

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You've Got To Be Your Own Best Cheerleader...

On this rainy morning, I galloped from my bed to sit at my computer and start this beautiful blog that tells of a little girl from Memphis, TN that became someone she never dreamt of being with the key component to her success contributed to becoming her own best cheerleader. That little girl has grown to be world renowned, penning the most intriguing stories one will ever lay eyes on. She's been in the hands and on the minds of people that she'll probably NEVER meet a day in her life, but they trust her wholeheartedly to continue to dip into their greatest fantasies as if she's snatched the thoughts from their minds personally. With over 35 titles under her belt, this amazing little girl has been deemed one of the best in the industry -named amongst the greatest. That same little girl packed her bags and moved to Dallas, TX without having a blood relative for at least 420 miles away from her humble adobe in the heart of the city. The little bitty girl fought through the devastating loss of her daughter's father, using her imagination to pen stories just to cope on even her greatest days. Depression and self-neglect had turned that little girl into a mere shell of who she once was, a vibrant soul. 

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How To Thrive as an Entrepreneur with a 9-5 Featuring Kyshira Moffett of HerMovement

Kyshira S. Moffett MBA,  is the founder and Chief Bombshell Officer of The KSM Group. She is a global brand strategist with expertise in digital engagement. She is also the founder of Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics and author of Bombshell of All Trades. Kyshira is also the creator of #HERmovement, a lifestyle brand that has skyrocketed into a full-fledged movement. The blog centers on business, branding and lifestyle topics. #HERmovement represents today's busy bombshell, the ambitious millennial in pursuit of excellence while feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Since its inception in 2013, #HERmovement has grown to reach thousands of readers globally! Branches of #HERmovement include a growing Facebook groupThe Bombshell Diaries PodcastYouTube Channel and a monthly Twitter chat that was featured in Ebony Magazine.

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Top 10+ Mistakes That Are Costing Authors Their Coins

Let's just say that this blog has been burning my soul for over two weeks. I've been trying to decide on a less aggressive title than my former one, "10 Most OBVIOUS Mistakes Authors Are Making." I didn't want to come off as rude, or even as a know it all. Because, facing the facts, I don't know it all. However, I'm aware of common mistakes that are costing authors precious coins, at their own hands and at the hands of others. 

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10 Crucial Steps Authors Must Take To Secure Their Spot As A Bestseller

"I want to make the charts."

"I'm trying to get to number one."

"Make me a bestseller!"

I hear it time and time again. It's refreshing to see so many authors setting goals to have their  literary pieces liked and read by the masses. The feeling of driving your release home by landing a spot on the bestseller's chart is riveting, enchanting. I've succumbed to the divine feeling with each release that I have launched into the public with pretty amazing responses. For this small fact, I am hopeful for current and aspiring authors because I know that it can be done. You're not aimless. 

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3 Self-Care Tips To Better Yourself and Your Business

We all know that running a business can be both draining and time stressful to say the least. We're always so worried about making sure that our business needs are met that we often times forget about our personal needs. Self-care is usually neglected when your business's progress or lack there of is constantly at the forefront of your daily. However, I must tell you that you must first take good care of SELF before you can anything else. We so easily burn ourselves out and end up helpless all together. I've seen it a thousand times.

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3 Steps Every Author Should Consider Before Starting Their Next Book

Honestly, I loss a bit of my sanity each time I thought of scenes or very unique key points in my stories, but they were all gone by the time life kicked my ass and I was back at my computer. One day, I decided that I wasn’t going to lose another bit of importance in my stories. On that day, I started outlining. It changed my life forever! Seriously! So, to answer those tons of questions about outlining, here!

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The Secret to Conquering Fear + Self-Doubt By The Balls

Fear will keep you grounded, rooted, trembling at the thought of propelling into the greatness that you deserve. That energy-sucker runs rapid through your brain, causing it to demand bullshit assignments from your body, mind, and soul in their entirety. What's even worse is that it's addictive. Fear is ADDICTIVE. When living in fear, you are prepared for whatever, because your expectancy rate is at an all time low.

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5 Steps To Beat The Burnout and Get Back to Business (for Creatives)

In these entrepreneur streets, it's hard to see yourself missing a dime, honestly. You want to be able to accommodate at will, gain new customers consistently, be present on social media, care for your current clients while picking up more, develop healthy relationships with other creators, keep new products in the works, get out products sitting on your iMac, deliver meaningful content, and just be all that in a bag of chips.

Well, I'm here to tell you how being all that and a bag of chips landed me on my ass, for real. Burnt out. Toasted. Fried, dyed, and laid to the side. 

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