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I guess you get the point.

I'm Mercy. multiple award-winning & #1 National Bestselling author, publisher and former ghostwriter (i quit, for now).

Welcome to my ever-changing corner of the web where I like to redecorate as often as the season changes. I'd prefer not to bore you with my long list of credentials, but I guess I'd be a horrible host if I didn't at least give you some background information. 

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As Mercy, I am a bonafide Romance cultivator with over 60 titles under my belt. Between the pages and through the bleeding ink of my pen, I urge to create whimsical stories that depict the truth about black love with relative situations, circumstances, and characters. Mercy is a penman derived from a deeper desire to tell of less complex, circumstantial, stereotyped, and biased stories of black and interracial love. My goal is to highlight the misconception that black love stories can be everything BUT pleasant, joyful, everlasting, and beautiful. 

In early 2015, I debuted my very first title, as a published author. Since, I've gone on to create over 60 pieces, over 54 of them resulting in bestsellers, and collectively published over 140 books! I've MERCILESSLY built a literary empire by breaking every barrier set before me. My world renowned series, "RahMeek and Bella: A Philly Love Story," made it's first appearance in August 2015, sparking my love for literature in the most whimsical manner. 

A perimeter pushier and boundary breaker 5’2 force of literature, I've adopted the pseudonym, The Literary Heroine. As an independently published author, I debuted my first title in 2015. Since, I've become a resourceful alliance in the literary industry, brushing shoulders with other world-renowned pen pushers and aiding countless authors with the material and coaching needed to tackle their literary career with confidence.

Awards: Female Author of the Year & Romance Author of the Year

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All services have been discontinued until further notice. The only items available for purchase are products. 

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