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Multiple Award-Winning and National Bestselling Author

As Mercy, I am a bonafide Romance cultivator with over 60 titles under my belt. Between the pages and through the bleeding ink of my pen, I urge to create whimsical stories that depict the truth about black love with relative situations, circumstances, and characters. Mercy is a penman derived from a deeper desire to tell of less complex, circumstantial, stereotyped, and biased stories of black and interracial love. My goal is to highlight the misconception that black love stories can be everything BUT pleasant, joyful, everlasting, and beautiful. 

In early 2015, I debuted my very first title, as a published author. Since, I've gone on to create over 60 pieces, over 52 of them resulting in bestsellers, and collectively published over 140 books! I've MERCILESSLY built a 6-figure empire by breaking every barrier set before me. My world renowned series, "RahMeek and Bella: A Philly Love Story," made it's first appearance in August 2015, sparking my love for literature in the most whimsical manner. 

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A perimeter pushier and boundary breaker 5’2 force of literature, I've adopted the pseudonym, The Literary Heroine. As an independently published author, I debuted her first title in 2015. Since, I've become a resourceful alliance in the literary industry, brushing shoulders with other world-renowned pen pushers and aiding countless authors with the material and coaching needed to tackle their literary career with confidence.



To reserve my sanity and continue serving my flock, I've reconstructed my service menu. Here's a short description of each service for your ease:

Consultation - Let's chat. This "Pick Mercy's Brain" session lasts as long as you would like it, depending on your budget and how much information you need to retain. During consultation, no topics are off limits that pertain to books, bookselling or publishing.

Ghostwriting - For the busy body who has a story to tell, but not the time to tell it. Allow my team to take control and return a fully written, formatted and edited manuscript within 90-120 days. 

Personal Book Launch Plan - Ready to release? Allow me to customize your book launch so that you can achieve the best possible results and return on investment. I've sold over 500,000 copies of books since starting as an author 3 years ago. Trust me, I can blow your mind with my ideas. 

1on1 Project Strategy - Have a book/series idea, but you're clueless as to what to do with it or want to EXPAND on your idea to IMPROVE it? Let's chat. During a VIDEO call, we will enhance your idea and put you on the right track. 

Premium Outline - Ready to write your book, but the influx in ideas are keeping you from starting? I get it. It happens to me, too. Fortunately, I'm an outlining sage. Allow me to outline your project from chapter one to whatever, helping organize and enhance your thoughts so that you can start your book. 

Monthly 1on1 Mentorship - Ever wanted immediate access to me? Yeah, huh? Have questions that need answers? I have the answers you're looking for. Join a personal thread between you and I where we discuss any and everything that you want pertaining to books, selling, social media and publishing.

All services (except cover design) include a minimum of ONE video consultation. 


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Currently writing. And while I had a difficult time finding my footing, my male character is finally speaking loud and clear. He disappeared on me when it was time to develop his character, and I began scribing the story without completing his workup. Poor me. Besides that small hiccup, the book is flowing well with my current mood. Oh, I guess I should mention that it is Heavy is the Crown, narrated by RahMeek and Bella Jones. 

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